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GanodermaGOLD™ is South Africa’s premium dual-extract Reishi product.


Mushroom Guru’s proprietary growing and extraction methods deliver the ONLY pure, dual-extract, antler, Ganoderma lucidum product in South Africa.  Our Ganoderma lucidum antlers are cultivated in South Africa for South Africans!

A pre-clinical trial on MG-LZ8 confirms increased immune response

In 2018 Mushroom Guru sent their proprietary MG-LZ8 for testing at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The results from a pre-clinical trial done by Prof. Vaclav Vetvicka head of the Department of Pathology of the university, provided confirmation of a 43% increase in immunity within 48 hours!

Ganoderma lucidum is fondly known as the ​”Mushroom of Immortality” and the “Supernatural Mushroom”.

In China it is also known as Lingzhi, and as Reishi in Japan, where it has been used for its medicinal properties for more than 2,000 years. This extraordinary fungus is highly effective as an adaptogen and therefore regulates, balance and harmonises the body and all its complex systems.

This fungus develops a mushroom that is red in colour, smooth to the touch and astoundingly beautiful, yet incredibly bitter. Therefore, to be able to experience the benefits of this medicinal mushroom, you would either need to steep it in water and drink the hot water extraction as a tea, or prepare an alcohol (ethanol) extraction to make certain compounds (Ganoderic acid and triterpenoids) available for digestion. We use two highly effective extraction methods in producing our Double Extract, MG-LZ8.

MG-LZ8 is the corner stone of our GanodermaGOLD™ product range and is the Double Extract that is used in all our Reishi products. The name LZ8 (Ling Zhi-8) was given to an immunomodulatory protein, isolated from Ganoderma lucidum. MG is the abbreviation for Mushroom Guru, together they make up the Double Extract we call MG-LZ8.

People that use Ganoderma GOLD report that they use it for: ​

  • ​immune modulation
  • improving cognitive function
  • ​improving gut health
  • kidney and liver support
  • bacterial infections
  • stabilising blood sugar
  • ​viral protection
  • heart support
  • naturally thinning the blood
  • regulating blood pressure
  • reducing cholesterol
  • reducing inflammation
  • reducing daily stressors
  • respiratory problems
  • ​insomnia
  • allergy relief
  • anti-aging
  • reducing candida
  • hormone production
  • stem cell reproduction
  • tumour reduction

GanodermaGOLD™ product range comprises of:

  • ​Immune Modulator – 30 capsules (each capsule contains 15mg (MG-LZ8, which is 12 times stronger than outdoor grown Reishi and thus provides the equivalent of 5400mg of imported Reishi powder per capsule)
  • Skin Serum – 30 ml pump bottle
  • Targeted Therapy drops – 30ml dropper bottle​ (​this product is non-toxic and free of alcohol, unlike combination tinctures)
  • Reishi Infused Honey Snap pack -7g of Cape Eucalyptus natural honey with 8mg of MG-LZ8)
  • Pet drops – 15ml dropper bottle



Q What is the difference between Reishi powder and Reishi extract?

The most important factor of any medicine is related to the bio-availability of the compounds inside the medicine. There is a compound in the mushroom cell wall, called Chitin, which our digestive system struggles to digest. When you consume a mushroom powder (whole dried and powdered mushroom fruit bodies), the Chitin may leave you with an uneasy feeling in your stomach.
When the water soluble compounds are extracted using hot water, the nutrient/medicinal value increases dramatically. When extracting the solvent-based compounds from the Reishi mushroom, the values increase 29 fold. Our Reishi Double Extract combines both the water and ethanol extract, thus giving you a 100% bio-available product in its purest form.
Reishi mushroom powder is made from dried Reishi fruit boidies that is finely ground. It is extremely difficult to grind Reishi into a powder, so almost all fine Reishi powder is imported from China. After testing imported Reishi powders from China, we found that there is very little to no active ingredients in the powder, leading us to believe that the actives have been extracted for other products for the pharmaceutical companies and the bio-mass is ground and sold to unsuspecting clients as "Ground Reishi Powder".
In conclusion...extracted compounds are far more effective than dried mushroom powder. Both polar and ethanol extractions have specific functions in the body and using both together is by far the better choice. With that said, the alcohol must be evaporated from the extraction so that no trace of alcohol is left behind, as alcohol is a registered Neuro-toxin.

Q What is the difference between Antlers and Conks

When Reishi grows in an Antler form, it creates Ganoderic acid from the base to the very tip, which is substantially more Ganoderic acid than that found in the normal, short stem of a conk. MG-LZ8 is the name given to our extract and is taken from the fruit body of the antler​ and our product contains zero (0) starch, has high levels of Ganoderic acid, beta(1-3)glucans and triterpenoids found in our Reishi antlers. Our proprietary growing system was developed around the production of Ganoderic acid and the development of the immunomodulatory protein LZ8.