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Intuitive Energy Healing and Family Constellations

Robyn Fergus opened Inner Peace Healing in 2010 when, after 22 years in the corporate world, she was gently yet firmly pushed towards facilitating healing.  She works with the intention of restoring a sense of inner peace supported by a new way of being.

You may have an awareness of what needs healing – repeated patterns that don’t serve you, a story you keep retelling, self sabotage, or a stuckness felt in life – be it in relationships, careers, sense of self.  It may manifest in the physical as an injury, pain, illness or dis-ease. Sometimes it’s simply a knowing that you need a rebalancing – that the chakras are out of kilter or that the energy body feels out of sorts.

I offer Intuitive Energy Healing and Family Constellations to return the sense of flow and joy to your life.

Family Constellations
Despite much inner work and healing sometimes one is unable to shift certain patterns or that sense of stuckness.  What is needed is to look beyond the self and into the family system and to one’s relationships. Family Constellations reveal entanglements within the family system. From a deep need to belong to one’s family its possible to carry things which belong to another family member or ancestor.  Family Constellations facilitate the movement towards releasing these entanglements allowing life to flow with more ease.

Inner Parts Constellations allow one to look at aspects within oneself that need to be seen, accepted and integrated to bring about healing.

I facilitate one-on-one family constellations.  At times I combine Family Constellations, using constellation dolls (who act as the family representatives), with Crystal Surgery, which works at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  

Group Constellation Workshops: Shamanic Constellations Journeys consist of 3 sessions built around Group Family Constellations – participants will have the opportunity to be constellated and represent, and experience Constellation Exercises, Meditations and Shamanic Drum Journeys.  

Energy Healing
During an Energy Healing session, I read the energy body and energy field – sensing at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level areas of disquiet, unsettled energy and stuckness. These are cleared and healed so that you leave the session feeling lighter and more energised to embrace life. 

Crystals Surgery is the cornerstone of the session.  The frequencies generated by crystals (or stones as I call them) and crystals set in wands are used in specific Crystal Surgery protocols.  These are potent clearers of energy and transmitters of healing vibrations. 

When it is needed for your healing to acknowledge the limiting beliefs, past life stories, past life vows, traumatic experiences or stories from this lifetime – these are voiced before being cleared. Muscle testing from Transformational Kinesiology is useful to see how both conscious and unconscious stories impact you and to know that they have been cleared.  Before the session ends this process is used to test that the new way of being is believed at a subconscious level.

Past Lives, Hypnosis, Inner Images, Reiki, Intuitive/Psychic Readings, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing and Drum Journeys are among some of the modalities that weave their way into the session to support the healing process.  It’s an Intuitive Healing process – so each session is unique depending on what is revealed to bring about healing.

You can read more about the healing modalities used on the website.

Also on offer at Inner Peace Healing to support the healing journey and the sense of inner peace –

Mediations Down at the River – Inner Peace Healing is blessed with a beautiful mountain stream that flows past the garden in Hout Bay.  Monthly “Meditations Down at the River” are held on the meditation platform beside the river.  

The Shamanic Munay Ki Journey is held annually.  This is a beautiful journey of cleansing and deepening connection to Spirit as you receive the 9 Munay Ki Rites.  The source of the rites is from South American Shamanism. Over the 8 mornings (meeting every fortnight) you receive a rite, work with an archetype as you cleanse and balance the chakras and learn about various aspects of Shamanism. 

Shamanic Family Constellations Facilitator | Instituto Luz do Ser (Brazil)| 2 years
Constellation Facilitator | African Constellations| 2 Years
Quantum Constellations Facilitator (New Constellations) | Institito Luz do Ser |1 year
Advanced training in “Spiritual Family Constellation and Art Therapeutic methods” |Pia Kalhof|1 year
Constellation Facilitator Supervision |CSC London
Crystal Surgery & Healing Instructor | Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences (US) | 3 years
Shamanic Practitioner (including Soul Retrieval) | Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences (US) | Annual workshops over 5 years
Diploma in Hypnosis and Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression | SAHMA
Past Life & Live Between Lives Regression
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I and II |3HO
Reiki Master
Pranic Healing (Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy, Crystal)
Quantum Touch
Transformational Kinesiology
Munay Ki Rites
Initiated in the Sacred Andean Tradition
Initiated in the Dagara Tradition of Stick Divination
From before healing work – B Bus Sc (Honours) in Marketing and Economics from UCT
Intuitive Energy Healing: First Session R900, Follow-up sessions R800
One-on-one Family Constellations R1250
Supervision R800
Stick Diviantions by donation
Workshops and Group Constellations  – see specific event

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Holistica 136 Reviews
Wise And Intuitive
I feel really lucky to come across Robyn. She has a very calming and warm presence which put me completely at ease right from the get-go. I had been completely stuck and Robyn helped me shift my energy which I’m extremely grateful for. I find her to be very intuitive and wise. She is such a gift, I couldn’t recommend her more.
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Barchi F

Holistica 136 Reviews
Years Of Growth, Transformation And Healing

I have been seeing Robyn for 20 years. From time to time, I can feel I am stuck, and need to shift something. She is able to read what is going on, and suggest the best approach. We have worked on so many different aspects, and every time I come out back in flow. She’s had a serious positive impact on my life over the years, and I’m deeply grateful for the space she has created.

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Holistica 136 Reviews
Safe Space

I’ve been doing constellations with Robyn for just over a year & from the moment I met her she made me feel safe & welcomed. During each constellation I have participated in (in person & online), either as a representative or been constellated – Robyn has held the space & made me feel safe in her loving, nurturing, caring manner. Her work has assisted me in healing in such a gentle way. I’m forever grateful.

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