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The Grief Doula: Soulful Approaches for Loss & Grief

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The Grief Doula is a grief care practice offering soulful approaches & psycho-spiritual support to those navigating loss, grief, bereavement or major life challenges. In addition to offering one-on-one grief care sessions with clients from across the globe, The Grief Doula also facilitates online workshops as well as in-person retreats in her country of residence, South Africa.


As a certified End of Life Bereavement Facilitator registered with the International Association of Therapists (IAOT), Dominique is a compassionate and empathetic guide for one of the human heart’s most painful experiences: the intricate and often devastating landscape of loss and grief.

Having navigated her own searing journey of losses and trauma, she’s intimately familiar with the labyrinthine depths and nuances of grief. Drawing from her personal ‘apprenticeship with Grief’, alongside her background in corporate crisis management, trauma-informed yoga therapy, and deeply influenced by Jungian psychology, Dominique offers a non-denominational yet soulful approach to psycho-spiritual support for those moving through loss, grief, and major life challenges.

The name of her private grief care practice, The Grief Doula, is inspired by the ancient Greek concept of doula – a woman who serves. Given the integral role of traditional doulas in birthing and end-of-life support, Dominique was drawn to the parallels. Much like the steadfast presence of a doula during life’s threshold experiences, she holds space for her clients with unwavering compassion, care, and support as they navigate the transformative depths of loss and grief.

Through her experiences, client work, and studies, Dominique has come to see grief and loss not merely as bearers of sorrow, but also as gateways to deeper self-compassion and self-awareness. Like the midwives of old, she believes in guiding the brokenhearted through their sacred odyssey with reverence and compassion.

She believes that the wisdom of the psyche can illuminate our path through the difficult terrain of grief, guiding us even in the darkest times once we are able to attune ourselves to its guidance. Her approach honours the unique contours of each person’s grief journey while offering a supportive framework for hope, healing, integration, and inner transformation.