The Well-Beings Practice

Meet Merishka – Family Consultant

 Merishka is a holistic family consultant & educator, a social anthropologist and social science researcher in wellbeing studies as well as a lover of yoga and wisdom.

She integrates academic, philosophical, and conscious parenting and re-parenting training to design and facilitate personal and familial well-being.

She has always been fascinated by understanding the human condition and what it truly means to be well. She pursued tertiary study in philosophy and socio-cultural anthropology; which examines human interactions, behaviour, belief systems and world-views.

Her deep passion for identifying the challenges to self-development led her to a 2-year study under one of the greatest exponents of Vedanta philosophy, Swami Parthasarathy at the Vedanta Academy, India. Here she learned the eastern philosophy of how the human faculties can be cultivated toward dynamism in action and peace within. She studies the physiological effects of yoga and breathwork as a modality for wellness.

In 2015 Merishka connected with Rebecca Thompson Hitt at the Consciously Parenting Project, USA through her interest in family well-being. Her mentorship in Conscious Parenting was invaluable to understanding relationships, connection, disconnection and reconnection with self and others. Merishka gained her qualification in Holistic Family Consulting and Education and this adds another dimension and modality to her pursuit of wellbeing.

Currently, Merishka is deeply interested in reparenting; the process of healing childhood wounds that may be preventing us from achieving our full potential as adults. She believes that self-development is deeply rooted in pursuing holistic well-being and vice-versa. Merishka is currently gaining her Master’s degree in the field of well-being studies.