RECONNECT WITH TOUCH: 2day Workshop for beginners - learn how and when to touch
14 Aug (All day)

RECONNECT WITH TOUCH: 2day Workshop for beginners - learn how and when to touch

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Always wanted to learn how to give a great neck, shoulder and back massage to your friends, family or partner? Here is your opportunity to learn all the essentials from an experienced professional. Fun, useful and practical, this massage workshop held on 2 consecutive Saturdays (14th and 21st August 2021), is a great introduction and is both suitable as a couples massage course or for individuals (we will team you up with a partner).You will learn how to give a great massage for the back, neck and shoulders. Shorter massage courses are hard to find, when all you want to learn is the basics. This massage course teaches you exactly that: How to give a great massage for complete beginners!

We will learn:
How to confidently give a 30minute Back, Neck & Shoulder massage
How to listen to and respect the timing of massage
Develop your intuitive skills
Develop trust of self and others
Heal relationships and learn new skills to enhance intimacy and connection
Connect with sensitivity and compassion for self and others
Effective use of posture and correct use of your energy in the massage
How to work with your hands effectively, combining firm and gentle strokes in your massage
How to create the right atmosphere for your massage session to give a positive experience
Suitable for individuals, children over 18, and couples / duo.
No massage experience is necessary! In fact these workshops are for ANYONE interested in self growth and self healing. Therapists and novices alike are inspired to share a nurturing "touch" in order to connect, soothe or help others in discomfort or in pain. Many attend the training as a gift of personal healing to self.You will leave feeling renewed, aligned and connected to self and to the other. Give yourself this gift, you deserve it!   This workshop could also serve as a wonderful introduction to the professional side of bodywork.

There will be also be an overview of :

  • Why Touch so important? 
  • The history of Massage therapy 
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Contraindications:  when not to give a massage

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How much is the massage course? A: R1990 per person

Q: How long is the course? A: 2 full Saturdays

Q: What areas are covered in the massage? A: This workshop's focus is on teaching a 30 min back, neck & shoulder massage

Q: Do I get a certificate at the end? A: No. This course is a taster course for complete beginners and not a recognized qualification

Q: Will I need to be unclothed? A: No. We recommend for ladies to wear a bikini style top. All recipients will be draped. No part of the body other than the back is exposed at any time during the course.

Q: Can I bring my child? A: Yes, if your child/friend/sibling/partner is over 18years of age.

Q:  Have we considered Covid protocols A:  Yes Covid protocols considered a priority, with distancing between massage tables.  Sanitisers will be available and temperatures taken on each day.  Our venue is well ventilated with an outdoor/indoor training space. 

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Natalie Wittwen


Hilda Hill's picture
Hilda Hill

Natalie course

Having experienced Natalie massage and special touch, I have no doubt that whoever participates in this workshop will come back having learn  simple & helpful techniques.

Natalie has a natural teaching skill and that combined with her gentle and caring nature and knowledge, I am sure her course will be incredible. 

Natalie 's picture


Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I endeavor to serve the best I can and as you know I simply love what I do, so I share from the heart and impart knowledge from all my teachers, mentors and clients. This course is going to be interactive, practical, playful and useful too. Immense gratitude.

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