Yoga for Surfers Retreat with Jim Harrigton & Dave Gardner
11 Jun, 3:00pm to 16 Jun, 3:00pm

Yoga for Surfers Retreat with Jim Harrigton & Dave Gardner

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Develop your surfing skill, meditation, movement and yoga practice in this 6 day retreat in residence at Pumula Retreat.
Reconnect with nature, surrounded by forest, beach and sea.
Nourish with holistic homemade plant-based nutrition.
Connect, meet and share with exceptional people.

Do you want to surf bigger or better waves?
Are there some areas that you know you would like to improve on? Gaining skills is usually a long process of trial and error. This retreat will be an efficient up-skilling process for anyone looking to take their passion for surfing a bit further. This forms part of Jim Harrington’s wider Yoga for Sports project, which blends yoga as therapy and a tool for improved performance. This immersive, high quality experience is a unique opportunity that is ideal for anyone looking to broaden their mental awareness, expand their physical capacity, and embody the skills and tools for riding real waves, as well as life's metaphorical ones.

Please note - this retreat is for people who can already surf (or at least can paddle in and out, stand up and ride a wave) and are looking to immerse themselves in the opportunity to learn more...


Bigger waves might mean plucking up the courage to paddle for that big one at sunset, or for others, it may be the confidence to sit in the lineup at J-bay or to take. Maybe you are just building up to get out the back at Muizenberg corner.

All of us have our biggest ever wave story, both literally and figuratively. The question is are you willing to go and make a bigger one. There is an inspiration and a buzz that comes from pushing the boundaries of our capacity.

“This is a process that has intrigued me for most of my life. Since I first paddled out at Cronulla’s point on a big-ish day mid-way through high school, I have been hooked.” - Jim

A surfer should never be caught bragging because Mother Ocean will probably hear it and dish out a humbling punishment the next time around. The quest for bigger, hollower, and more radical is not an exploit of bravado for the building of our egos. Rather it is an internal process of discovering just where one’s own limit is.

Being in better condition physically and mentally means being more confident to paddle out into the edges of our capacities, so conditioning is an essential part of the process. It is all relative and it is all about progression and evolution.


· Strength training for paddling faster
· Technique tips for take-offs
· Instantaneous popups and critical drops
· Yoga for recovery and maintaining mobility in between surfs
· Core strength
· Shoulder freedom
· Balance drills
· Breath-hold training
A little bit more about the retreat and your facilitators...

It’s happening at Pumula Retreat, which is situated on top of a hill nestled in the lush evergreen coastal forests of the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, near the Umzumbe area. It is the ideal space to explore the dozens of perfect point and reef setups. The view of the ocean as it glistens from sunrise to sunset, breaching with whales & dolphins is like an ideal screen saver, without the screen.

Our local surf guide and host is Scott, a lifelong surfer, and the co-owner of Pumula Retreat (he's the surfer in the cool photo on the poster), Scott was born and raised on this stretch of coast and will assist us in making the best decisions regarding waves.

The daily schedule will depend on the weather and tidal conditions to optimize our time in the water. Our priority is to experience the best waves possible and we will work around that but we will also be making sure to fit in plenty of learning through Yoga, movement and meditation.

Here is the general proposed schedule (please note that may change). Each day will build into the next and will remain slightly flexible according to flow of the group, the surf and the weather.

The weather and surf around this time in KZN is pristine, with early mornings generally being the best time to surf. If the surf is firing, (and it most likely will be), then there will be opportunities to surf twice or even three times a day for the very keen.

Arrival & check in: Friday 11 June at 14:00
Check out & departure after lunch: Wednesday 16 June 14:00

Daily schedule (Saturday to Tuesday - 4 full days):

06:00-09:30 - morning meditation, warm up & surf
10:00-11:00 - breakfast and self-time
11:00-12:30 - stretch out, surf & movement technique
13:00-14:30 - lunch & self-time
15:00-16:30 - community and play playshop
16:30-18:30 - snacks & late surf or yoga
19:00-20:00 - dinner
20:00-21:00 - decompression session (fireside music etc.)

Travel, accomodation options & rates:

Space is limited to 8-14 people only.
Price includes all activities, accommodation and exceptional plant based food for the 6 days (transport fees not included - but we do assist in organizing shuttles and lifts to and from the venue - flights are available to Durban or Margate). We will advise and assist you with this.

Rates range from R6975-R10875pp with various twin sharing or private options available.
6975pp being - sharing a simpler room with a 10% early bird discount (valid until 15 March).
10875pp being - a private high end room with no discount.
You can see the rooms here, and the rates below:

Early bird (10% off before March 15) SHARING rates:
Hyrax - R6975pp
Hornbill / Bushbuck - R7200pp
Duiker - R7425
Sunrise / Loerie / Mdoni - R7650pp

SHARING rates (after March 15):
Hyrax - R7750pp
Hornbill / Bushbuck - R8000pp
Duiker - R8250pp
Sunrise / Loerie / Mdoni - R8500pp

Early bird (10% off before March 15) PRIVATE rates:
Hyrax - R8775pp
Hornbill / Bushbuck - R9110pp
Duiker R9450pp
Sunrise / Loerie / Mdoni - R9790pp

PRIVATE rates (after March 15):
Hyrax - R9750pp
Hornbill / Bushbuck - R10125
Duiker - R10500
Sunrise / Loerie / Mdoni - R10875

Booking info:

A 50% deposit / or full payment will secure your spot.

If the retreat has to be re-scheduled we will either:
- give you a full refund
- or keep your payment as credit for the event later in 2021/2 with no change in price
Either way there is nothing to lose!
We just want to share this epic experience with you.

Please email Proof of payment and use your name and ‘Surf’ as the reference to and

You may choose to pay Dave or Jim

Banking details:
David Gardner
Capitec Savings Acc. No. 1312470745

J Harrington
Nedbank Acc. No. 1676052216

Cost / Pricing: 
From R 9 750 pp sharing
Teacher / Instructor: 
Jim Harrigton & Dave Gardner

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