28 Oct, 6:00pm to 18 Nov, 7:00pm


LISTING > Mindfulness, Movement Training Workshop in Gauteng

A 4-part programme encountering and embodying EQUILIBRIUM - a dynamic process of balancing opposing forces, actions and states - as the channel for an embodied mindfulness practice. Through grounding, centring, gentle movement-based breathwork, guided visualizations and symbolic movement explorations this programme is designed to bring us to an embodied enquiry of stability, serenity, balance, calm and poise.

When:     28 October, 4 November, 11 November & 18 November
Time:     18h00 – 19h00
Where:    Online – ZOOM
Cost:     R600 for full programme
R1000 for EquiLIBrium + 4 weeks of The Midday Connection (must run concurrently)

For info and bookings: athena@embodimentnow.com

Cost / Pricing: 
R600 for full 4-part programme
Teacher / Instructor: 
Athena Mazarakis

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