The Joy of Sound, The Joy of Silence Retreat in Temenos McGregor
24 Sep, 6:00pm to 28 Sep, 10:30am

The Joy of Sound, The Joy of Silence Retreat in Temenos McGregor

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In our hurly burly world, there is precious little time for silence. On this retreat, we will come together as women to celebrate both sound and silence. The Joy of Sound starts with a fun filled meal in Tebaldis restaurant on Thursday evening, followed by dancing Nia and shaking out our tension through TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) on Friday. And then we slip into silence until Monday. A held, sacred silence. The Joy of Silence incorporates meditating twice daily, doing yoga in silence, dancing Chakra Dancer in silence, walking the hills of McGregor early morning in silence and walking the labyrinth at night in silence.

But mostly, it allows us time to BE.  Alone, yet connected to others. In silence. To savour the moment, to breathe, to taste and touch and smell and see, to be fully present. And as we turn within, we hear the sound of the inner voice, whispering those secrets that lie hidden behind the wall of everyday sound. The secrets of our own calling.

Take time for YOU and join us in the magical space of Temenos. All activities are optional. Allow the Great Silence to hold you, to rejuvenate you and inspire you. Allow the beauty of Temenos with its special quiet spaces and glorious gardens, to gently heal you.


Cost / Pricing: 
R5 300
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tania Bownes, Nia and TRE teacher, retreat lover

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