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Brahma Kumaris South Africa is part of this worldwide spiritual movement, which is dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal by helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual. It supports the cultivation of a collective consciousness of peace and of the individual dignity of each soul – regardless of race, religion, culture, education, economic or social standing.

Brahma Kumaris offers a framework for a life-changing experience. By exploring and discovering the most fundamental question of all, “Who am I?”, we develop a sense of self-mastery that allows us to stay in charge of our lives. The blame game finishes. A deepening spiritual awareness gradually breaks open the cage of illusions. We regain responsibility for creating our own lives. The present becomes a real present, a gift. We do this by becoming adept in four areas of study:

  • The study of spiritual knowledge

Universal truths, regarding the nature of the soul, God and the impact of a close relationship between the two, create a context for our spiritual endeavour. This understanding helps us master the ongoing flow of experiences we call life.

  • The practice of Raja Yoga meditation

Raja Yoga meditation offers a step-by-step process that helps us to focus on our deep inner strength and potential, which then begin to flourish and expand. In this meditation practice we see how silence is the real gateway to contentment. Silence takes us into a world of stillness, like pressing the pause button temporarily on the film of our life, so that we can re-discover who we really are.

  • The conscious assimilation of virtues

Through this we learn that real spirituality is to be able to practise virtues in adverse circumstances. This enhances our self-respect.

We learn to master and understand the energy of love – in giving, not in taking. We learn to naturally focus on our own and others’ virtues, rather than defects. Relationships are healed.

  • Serving others spiritually

The natural consequence of understanding spiritual truths, practising Raja Yoga meditation and inculcating virtues, is the wish to serve others. Serving is our highest vocation and fills us with a sense of purpose. Spiritual service to others is to help them stand on their own feet and make their own decisions. It is about empowering others so that they also see love, peace and happiness as their real treasures in the creation of their inner and outer worlds..


The Following are examples of some of the courses/talks we offer in the 15 centres around South Africa:

  • Raja Yoga Meditation
  • Overcoming Anger 
  • Stress free living
  • Ways to deal with anxiety/depression
  • Power of thoughts and positive thinking
  • Conscious Cooking
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Inner Leadership
  • Meditation for children
  • Breaking out of comfort zones
  • Living with dignity and hope
  • Dealing with the pressures of the world today


We have Centres in the following Provinces:

  • Gauteng
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Western Cape
  • Eastern Cape
  • Mpumalanga


To check for events in your area, visit this link:
We are a Non-profit Organisation. Events are free of charge and donations are appreciated.

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I did the Raja Yoga Meditation course and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so insightful and helped me understand what I need to focus on in the journey of life. My connection to source has gotten deeper ever since and I have gotten confident in my meditation practice. Highly recommend this organization for any assistance in peace, meditation and finding out who you truly are.

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