21 Mar, 4:00pm to 24 Mar, 1:00pm


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Let’s leave the hustle and bustle of Joburg behind us and spend a long weekend in the sun-drenched Pumula Retreat renewing and reviving ourselves for the rest of the year!  A perfect break to destress, recharge and bliss out.  Taryn Elise will lead you through vibrant and awakening Yoga in the morning, and a slow and rejuvenating practice in the late afternoon. 

We will also delve into some of the more interesting applications of Yogic philosophy, exploring the ways that Yoga goes beyond the mat and reaches into our thoughts and feelings, our daily lives.  And plenty of time left to explore the day activities, or simply soak in the sun at the pool or on the serene beaches.

Revive – In this nurturing 4 day / 3 night retreat you’ll revive your body and mind while delving deeper into the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Learn how to cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and calm, to carry back with you when the retreat has ended.

Renew – Morning Yoga to awaken, Late afternoon Yoga to calm and restore, Meditation to still the mind.  The retreat program is designed to renew body and mind.

Restore – We will stay at the tranquil Pumula Retreat; a hidden gem on subtropical East Coast tucked away in a lush green forest.

Our retreat space is in the most beautiful wooden-glass studio, completely within Nature, while buck graze under the shade of the Coastal Dune Forest and the song of the birds and Cicadas will carry you to a place of peace & tranquillity. We will enrich and revitalise your body, preparing and serving delicious Plant-based food which is both Gluten & Sugar-Free.

This retreat offers a deep insight into Yoga, Meditation and philosophical teachings for all levels. For the more experienced yogi, re-inspire your own practice. For those just starting out on their Yoga journey, practice at a level that is suitable and beneficial for you. Join like-minded people and explore your potential through Yoga.

Cost / Pricing: 
From R3 500
Teacher / Instructor: 
Taryn Elise Herselman

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