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Candace Beth, Wildbird Tantra

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Wildbird Tantra

I've heard it said that all 'healing' and growth are simply releasing resistance to your own flow of life, to the momentum of your was being applied to bodywork at the time.

It makes sense to me in terms of the physical expressions of our minds that our bodies are. The way we hold deep intrinsic postural and movement patterns that directly relate to our perception, how we think and feel and everything we have experienced. We each have a particular, unique combination of qualities, characteristics and spectrum of experiences; and as such the business of freeing ourselves from obstruction to flow can be quite complicated, especially if we try to do it with the mind alone.
I'm a tantric journey facilitator which is essentially a somatic journey, a bodywork process, that can help release mental, perceptual and physical resistance and pain with a combination of breath, intention and bodywork.
This is not about philosophy, or guiding you according to Tantric teachings as such, this is about creating the conditions that allow your own personally relevant information to come to the fore. Including information for your body about preferable ways to arrange itself, information to your mind about preferable ways for you to view things.

It can be described as an extended, facilitated meditation, with deep tissue manipulation. Here, a Tantric Journey is a natural incorporation of Tantric, Shamanic and very practical bodywork tools intended to help orient you towards your centre, relaxing you into your whole body, so that you can navigate more from that aspect of yourself that is rooted in the sacred heart, rooted in the Divine Feminine. No right or wrong, rather a dance with existence through the filter of the heart.

Bodywork that doesn’t shy of the body and is able to, with comfort and neutrality bring attention to the sexual in subtle and direct ways, with awareness and so that all aspects of self and the body are acknowledged has power in it.  A big part of why it is beneficial and on so many levels is in maintaining the delicate balance of appropriate energy exchange with ease and grace.

Pleasure and the flow of pleasure through the body is important, it extends to an innate sense of pleasure in all areas of life, it is also useful in rippling through the parts of ourselves and our lives we struggle to love, accept or integrate, rippling through our resistance.  Feeling our feelings to allow them to pass is also okay, and necessary, whatever it looks like. I apply whatever moves dense frequency to lighter and clearer perspective and coherence and the breath is key.  I am not trying to create an experience for you, put something in or take something out.. I'm not engaging you sexually, I simply work comfortably, with integrity, maturity and joy in an integrative way, with all the stuff of the body.

For women this includes palpation along and around the pubic bone and sometimes internally for the same reason I might work or bring attention anywhere else. Whatever the mechanisms, the tissues of the body, some more than others seem to hold 'residue' if you will, of our trauma's, unprocessed experiences and feelings….and because moving the tissue with clear intention, skill, understanding and a huge help in ditching stuff that just isn't useful anymore.  Then having an easier time bobbing up to natural buoyancy because there is less pulling you down, or pulling you away from your centre. For men it is very similar, I work on and into the genital/pelvic region as part of an integrative bodywork process. Boundaries are always respected, as we work at the body's pace.

Trying to figure out and get rid of something we perceive as wrong or unwanted has a way of creating more of it. My role is not to figure anything out. I simply meet your body, the physical expression of your mind and invite it, encourage it and even trick it into letting go.

Sessions may at times include simple guided meditations, movement with breath or elements of Quantum Energy Coaching as I am guided in the feminine way, while essentially remaining a touch based treatment. Keeping it real and simple by keeping it with the body since it's so easy to get lost in the mind.
We, you and I, create a space where your innate intelligence is able to arrange things preferably for you.

While learning how the body relates to the mind and the mystery, I have in the last 13 years or so explored Hawaiian Lomi-lomi or Kahuna massage, Chavuti Thirumal(massage by foot pressure), advanced Hawaiian Bodywork, Structural Integration, Pelvic Heart Integration, Emotional Detox, Tantric Bodywork and Fascia Release.  All inform the way I work irrespective, and offer a broader spectrum of therapeutics to bring into each session.

I invite you to slow down with me and enter the grace of your wild eternal heart

Please contact me via Whatsapp or email only,  as I can be difficult to reach by phoning.

In Joy

Candace Beth

+27 (0)71 345 2453

Open Time: 
10am til 7pm
Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
Listing Type: 
Heartworks Lomi-lomi, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Advanced Hawaiian Bodywork United Kingdom and Hawaii.
Emotional Detox United Kingdom.
Ipsalu Tantra Cobra breath initiation United Kingdom.
Taoist Touch Work South Africa.
Fascia Release and Equine Fascia Release South Africa
Ladies 2hrs R1200. Gentlemen 2hrs R1800


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Michael Durban


Awesome in all aspects, 7 Star treatment,worth the time spent.
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Healing session

My session with Candace was incredible and I cannot recommend any more highly. She holds space with depth of integrity, alongside having an endearing playful spirit. I felt safe, comfortable, at ease. To release what I needed to. I left feeling enlivened, giggly, energetic - as if blocks had been cleared and I was able to just be my effervescent self again. Refreshed with a new appreciation of my physical and energetic body. Flowing energy. Five stars from me!

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