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Kim Tempest - Numerology & BioEnergetics BIOSCAN

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Energy Healing
Kim Tempest - Numerology & BioEnergetics BIOSCAN offers Energy Healing, Numerology, Nutrition in Newlands

Numerology by Kimmerology

Numerology readings bring insight to the individual who seeks to improve the understanding of the SELF, bringing the person closer to their divine life purpose, mission, and soul urge. It is a profound and reliable way to study your experience in the world. From this study one can uncover secrets that lead to self-knowledge, and understand the underlying cycles and patterns that may have been invisible before. Numerology offers the opportunity to skilfully emphasize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, and it can help you to learn more, every day, about how to seize opportunities that you may never have noticed before and how to sail with the wind instead of swimming upstream. How Can I Assist You? Individual Charts, Family Charts, Relationship charts, Couples Sessions for Transformation and Communication Clearing. Career charts, Marriage Charts, Work place charts, New Home Address and Telephone number analysis, Company Names and much more. All of these have unique numbers that have meanings and messages. Your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth form the basis to your personalised numerology chart. These are the numbers that you vibrate to – your unique code! At the Heart of these Divinely and intuitively guided numerology readings is a sense of great shifting and healing – the energy that the numbers bring and the synergy of words and dialogue guide you to greater Self- Knowledge and the Wisdom of Spirit that gently urges you on to reach your highest purpose. Whatsapp 0826429518

BIOEnergetics Therapy is an Individualised Health Evaluation - with BIOSCAN BioFeedback with BioScan is an Intuitive, Individualised Natural and Vibrational Feedback Therapy .

Your body has the answers. Deep secrets run through every cell and along the pathways of your body represented by Acupressure points. The system uses these points as a guide. The Practitioner is there to assist, support, follow clues and listen and perform the test. We ask your body: Which foods are the incorrect foods for your make up? Is what you are eating and drinking making you ill? Where are the emotional blocks preventing a state of balance and harmony? What are the toxins and pathogens involved in any systemic imbalance? These questions can be answered by your body’s feedback system and being connected to the BioScan facilitates its communication. Illness and disease come from a disharmonious response between organs, systems, tissues and cells in the body, fighting against what appears to be invaders or disruptors. To identify these disruptors by standard medical tests can often be frustrating and results could be unclear. Where there is an unknown root cause of illness or symptoms without diagnosis, the biofeedback system of BioSCAN can give some answers. BioScan is a computerised, holistic approach to healing and an energetic view of functional health. BioScan focuses on improving the whole life force and addressing the causes of imbalances. Distance Testing can be performed on request at discounted rates.

Tachyon Pendants and EMF Protectors

Tachyons are quantum-field-infdied sacred geometry pendants that assist with electro-magnetic field protection. Colour and Light infused, these pendants are highly vibrational protective shields. EMF disruptors such as wifi, cell phone and computers often affect our energetic field and cause imbalances, especially to brain and mind and Endocrine(hormone) systems. The immune system can be affected by the continuous onslaught of EMF radiation. Tachyon is a new technology that sets up a field of protection 1000 times more effective than ordinary Crystals which are also highly effective but not always 100% protective to all systems. Tachyons individual shapes assist the cells in reorganising themselves back to the original perfect vibration and provide “SUPER” protection. An example of EMF illnesses is “sick building syndrome” and the vast syndromes of chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, hormone and mood disorders and mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders. I test you for the right pendant or protective tool to use in your environment or particularly, one to wear during the day on the body.
These pendants form part of the holistic healing plan for all dimensions; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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20yr +
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Bioenergetics Therapist & Reflexologist
Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Nutritional Educator
Students and Pensioners R650/h
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Chelsea Lamb's picture
Chelsea Lamb

Kim has helped me in such a

Kim has helped me in such a meaningful way. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. From numerology to BioSCAN, she is informative, kind, gentle, relatable and professional. She radiates light wherever she goes.
Sanchia's picture

The real deal

My mother first saw Kim and she was such a great help to her that she insisted I go too. Kim addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual in a clear and accessible manner. She zones in on exactly what you need and draws on a depth of knowledge and experience to guide you to healing. I feel way more empowered since she helped me to understand what is happening in my body. My sister will be visiting her soon, as will my husband!
Katherine's picture

All round wellness

it's superb to work with someone that has such a strong sense of the Divine while also using solid techniques such as Numerology and Bio Scan. I have been seeing Kim now for years and her ability to see right into the issues I am dealing with holds great value for me. Besides that Kim is a wonderful human being whom I trust fully.
Victoria Silberbauer's picture
Victoria Silberbauer


Kim helped me loose 12 kilograms in a year simply by not eating the foods she discovered I was intolerant to. That still included eating dark chocolate frequently, there is an enzyme in dark choc that my body needs. Kim is warm and caring with expert knowledge of her field. I really enjoyed our sessions and I will see her again soon!
Ashley 's picture

Your wellness practitioner for life

I was introduced to Kim just over a year ago and since then Kim’s advice, knowledge and experience has contributed significantly to an improvement in my wellbeing. From thought provoking insights when discussing my numerology readings to Kim identifying exactly what my body needs, has helped me function optimally in my career and personal life. Kim goes above and beyond for her clients and her personal touch, helpful approach and caring nature makes the perfect combination for a wellness practitioner for life. Kim has become an invaluable part of my life. I highly recommend Kim’s services and I have not hesitated to recommend Kim to all my friends and family members.
Anonymous's picture

Lovely, personal, helpful,

Lovely, personal, helpful, considerate.

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