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Noordhoek, Cape Town
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The Human Spiral Earthwalk

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The Human Spiral Earthwalk  offers Shamanism, Energy Healing, Holistic Healing in Noordhoek


Remember the earth whose skin you are. — Joy Harjo



The 'Life Wheel' is a holistic energy healing system which is rooted within a shamanic medicine wheel.

This experiential journey is deeply guided by Nature and the Spirit of the horse. Your horse partner serves as your guide and represents your relationship to your own emotional freedom and healing. You are the creator of your reality and by understanding the truth of where your perceptions originate, you have the power to create desired outcomes. This Wisdom is aligned to your authentic self. 


The Life Wheel has been mapped to specific life patterns, emotions, belief systems, age of imprinting, current area of impact and the priority healing for further integration and support. Every symptom, every stress, has an emotional root. Once the true story is understood, energetic blockages can be released with supportive healing that increases life energy flow. 

In partnership, you walk beside the horse, the Spirit guide within the crystal Life Wheel. In this process the horse will reflect and reveal blocks and imprints locked within your own body and energetic field, and these are the clues to specific healing pathways. 


Horses gift us with the opportunity to return to a primal, non-verbal state of awareness and allow us to see ourselves in the moment. For a horse, there is only the present moment, seeking balance and harmony, they act as 'divine mirrors', reflecting back to us the energy of our emotions. Without any agenda and without expectations, they respond to what lies in our hearts, not in our heads. 


The medicine wheel is an ancient tool for conscious living that opens a healing space beyond that of conditioning. It is an experiential system that connects humankind to all of life and to Universal Knowledge that is the key to freedom. 

The medicine wheel is a catalyst for change and functions as an integral process that brings together fragments into a unified and balanced whole. So the medicine wheel brings together those aspects of ourselves and our lives that we have been conditioned to believe are separate, bringing us into harmonious relationship with all other Beings and the very Powers of the Universe. 

Coming into Harmony with the healing Wisdom and forces of Nature will:

 - Improve your vitality

 - Balance your emotions

 - Release your true potential and creative powers


 - Your Life Wheel experience runs over 4-weeks 

 - There are 3 Sessions of 1hr, 2hrs and 1hr respectively

 - There is no riding of the horses and no prior experience with horses is required

 - There is guided process and meditation work that bridges each experiential session 

 - We work with 13 African Tree Essences ( and 59 Essential Oils for emotional healing

 - Sessions take place on a beautiful private farm in Noordhoek, Cape Town

 - A personal journal will be provided with all session notes so that we may connect the dots and weave a thread of understanding of your embodied life stories that seek acknowledgement and healing through acceptance and unconditional love


Olivia Badach is the owner of The Human Spiral which focuses on the journey of Being human. Her belief is that to invite awareness of embodied stories we can open the door to healing, integration and transformation. She holds a deeply compassionate space that nurtures self-expression and heart-based connection. Her effectiveness as a facilitator and healer comes from her own life experiences and years of spiritual exploration and application. 

Olivia's keen interest in people began with her studies in Industrial Psychology and Sociology at UNISA. She later acquired a diploma in craniosacral therapy (2003) and is a practising therapist registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association of South Africa (CSTSA). With her keen interest in birth, she certified and practised as a doula for a period of time and later completed her Womb Awakening 9 Moons Apprenticeship with The Fountain of Life (Womb College).   

Olivia has completed her Master I, II and III coach training through Creative Consciousness© and was an accredited Insights Discovery© licensed practitioner for over 5 years. The Insights model is a global depth psychology tool that supports a deeper understanding of human behaviour. 

In 2013 her journey with horses began. It was the beginning of a life-changing rite of passage to remembering and reconnection, a surrendering and opening of the heart, and a deep trust in the innate intelligence and Wisdom of Nature and the Spirit of the Horse. 

Nicola Michl is one of the founding members of the Equinox Trust, which facilitates empowerment programmes for communities and individuals in need in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy. She is also the owner of Earthwalk Pty (Ltd), the home of the therapy horses.

Nicola’s deep connection with horses began in early childhood and she has worked with them extensively over the past 25 years which have allowed her to experience the healing quality these animals hold. 

Her interest in a holistic approach to healing began at university with her interest in Psychology and Philosophy, as well as Quantum Physics. She studied to become a certified natural healer and counsellor and is a registered Ethnic Health Care Practitioner with the Natural Healers Association (NHA). She has a BA Honours degree in Fine Art from UCT and has also completed the Part 2 certification of the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model and is currently completing the advanced certification.

After 10 years of working as an equine assisted therapist, she has witnessed and believes in the power of Nature and all within to restore and heal the human Spirit. 

The Life Wheel is a Gift from The Spirit that has been birthed through the partnership between Olivia and Nicola.


Beyond the veils of language and the noise of activity, the most profound events of our lives take place in those fleeting moments where something else shines through, something that can never be fixed in language, something given as quietly as the gift of your next breath. — John O’Donohue

For further information about the nature of this work and to enrol in our Life Wheel programme, please email: or 

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09:00 - 17:00
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20yr +
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Nicola Stewart's picture
Nicola Stewart

Medicine wheel experience

I had never had a strong connection to, or experience engaging with horses. I knew nothing about the medicine wheel and yet, there I was asking the Universe questions and this answer arose. I am incredibly grateful that my introduction to horses was through this process. Nicola’s horses are the most beautiful, gentle, grounded, connected beings who participate in this healing with simple love. Nicola and Olivia hold the healing space with deep respect and trust in the unfolding process, allowing for honest reflection, free of judgement or personal opinion. I have written 3 previous (long) testimonials before this one, only to realize two things. Firstly, that I was actually still journaling my experience weeks later and not actually writing a testimonial. Secondly, that sharing details of my experience would colour another’s experience as I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that each one is different and quite literally “tailor-made” by the very fact that each person is inherently unique and at a very specific place in their personal timeline. So I will leave my piece with the final words, “a deeply moving and transformative experience when you open your heart to listen.” Nicola Stewart
Alice 's picture

Nature as Teacher

When I signed up for the Earth Walk process, I had no idea how much it would mean to me. I knew I would love it, as Nature has for many years been my teacher, and it was a rare opportunity for me to be in the presence of horses. What unfolded was more than special. It was an experience of being fully welcomed, witnessed, inspired and guided. All aspects of that place wove the magic cloth that enfolded me – the elements, plants, creatures and, of course, the wise and intuitive presence of Nicola and Olivia. I was so blessed that two of the sessions happened shortly after we emerged from hard lockdown, and I was sent a permit to travel to Noordhoek! The sense of liberation added so much joy to the experience. I come away with so much gratitude for the connections made, the insights granted, and the shifts enabled by this unique process.
Dee Ramsay's picture
Dee Ramsay

Active Mindfulness

30th August 2020 The setting is beautiful, verdant green lawns, tall trees, big sky and the mountain. And the horses, grazing peacefully, seemingly not paying attention to anything but the grass as they graze. Our introduction is gentle, and the first meditation instantly awakens my senses to the sounds and the smells around me. I open my eyes, and a couple of horses have moved into my circle, and I realise how tuned in they are to their world, not only the seen, but also the unseen. I desperately want to live my life with their kind of acute awareness. We have only been together for a few minutes, and already they have taught me active mindfulness. I feel a sense of anticipation and delight as the big mare chooses to walk the life circle with me. We walk the wheel and I feel her companionship and strength, like she is holding me as I journey. She stops, so do I, and I am told that I am seven years old, and encouraged to explore the memory of that time. I do, and decide to carry on. The next stop at 23 years is even more surprising. Both memories around the events of those times are so painful, so secret, that I am astonished I had been able to bury them so deep and forget them. How did she know? I touch her face and feel utter peace and liberation. Not sadness for my bad times, but liberation at having been given the opportunity to release the pain, and joy at the union with the thread of all the living things that I felt at that moment, that feeling of unconditional love. There were many subtle and not so subtle experiences in the two sessions. I learned so much about myself, about my past, and about what I could still become. Thank you Nicola and Olivia for divining the experiences, for the setting in beautiful Noordhoek, and of course, for the horses. Dee Ramsay
johann verster's picture
johann verster

a healing space

we know that we survived our trauma when we feel deserving of a space where we are physically sheltered, feeling safe with our experience, and our traumatic memories. the work that Olivia and Nicole do, provides this space. and more deeply, it provides seeing deeply into a natural, collective knowing and the way everyday moments with sensitive animals, can bring us home to ourselves. did i learn something new? yes. i learned that my suspicions were right. trauma’s scar runs deep and part of the pain is feeling somehow responsible for it. it makes us want to forget, when we need to turn towards. a step, the earthwalk makes easier, and more directly informing. i was touched by the very thing that has always been there. the animals, the air, the smells, the memories. and they gave a message of normalcy. a sense of peace with how it all worked out. and a clarifying of that which still needs some work. i strongly recommend this program for people who have experienced childhood trauma. the information received, is subtle and deep, bringing you back again to this rich moment, and how you can be open to it. without fear. the material you receive as well as the experiences had, can also easily be brought into regular psychotherapy. thank you, little Peanut (the chihuahua), for telling me that i’m ok, and it’s ok to be small, sensitive and full of love. johann verster clinical psychologist
Lindsay Voogt's picture
Lindsay Voogt

A Walk with a Horse

A Walk with a Horse... I booked myself onto the Earthwalk after hearing Olivia speak about it at a Craniosacral Therapy gathering we were both attending. My trust in Olivia as a practitioner counteracted my childhood fear of horses... Stepping into these three sessions with the horses and Olivia and Nicola at my side was a truly authentic, and deeply hearfelt experience. One that has shifted my awareness and powerfully reflected back my imprinted patterning. The horses are beautiful and I am so grateful to Nicola for them. I have found a new way of being with my own animals and a deeper sense of the natural world around me. I found this poem by Joanna Verikios, which describes the work beautifully: The Horse is not here to reward your ego, to compete with you, to control you. The Horse responds to who you are, how you feel, what you think, what you do. The Horse is here to enable you to learn how to be a better You - and that is a blessing. Thank you Earthwalk team! (that includes the horses,dogs,goose and gecko)
Lindsay Voogt's picture
Lindsay Voogt

A Walk with a Horse

I booked myself onto the Earthwalk after hearing Olivia speak at a Craniosacral Therapy gathering we were both attending.  My trust in Olivia as a practitioner counteracted my childhood fear of horses... Stepping into these three sessions with the horses and Olivia and Nicola at my side was a truly authentic, and deeply hearfelt experience.  One that has shifted my awareness and powerfully reflected back my imprinted patterning.  The horses are beautiful and I am so grateful to Nicola for them.  I have found a new way of being with my own animals and a deeper sense of the natural world around me. I found this poem by Joanna Verikios, which describes the work beautifully: The Horse is not here to reward your ego, to compete with you, to control you. The Horse responds to  who you are, how you feel, what you think, what you do. The Horse is here to to enable you to learn how to be a better You  - and that is a blessing Thank you Nicola, Olivia & Horses  
Anne's picture

Spiralling through Life

The Human Spiral Earthwalk has been such a beautiful process into inner Discovery. Within 3 sessions, I was allowed to ground, centre, explore more of my inner world and be reminded of what has already transpired. Personally, walking my Life Wheel has been a closing to a long process, a beautiful ritual of final acknowledgement and letting go. I have worked with Olivia for many years and it felt that this work brought together the insights as a closing. Of course, there is more work to be done and with life being a spiral (and not a circle), I am deeply grateful to have come full circle once again - so that in time more layers of inner discovery can emerge. The work takes place on a beautiful farm, which is deeply nourishing. All nature beings are truly awake and respected. Olivia and Nicola are both heart-centred women, who guide the process without going into their heads or own stories. The experiences are authentic and deeply grounding. After 3 sessions, one does feel transformed, but in a way which is manageable in the daily world. The gained insights presented themselves for me in real time lessons during the time and I was able to stay connected to the bigger picture. So whilst expansive, the work was also very applicable to my daily worldly tasks. I keep calling the work undramatic, a true compliment from my side, because it is truly supportive of the transformation and has not thrown me into a crisis. Thank you beloved Earth Walk Beings. I feel very blessed having experienced this work.
Tracy Walters 's picture
Tracy Walters

Connecting to self via nature

What an incredible experience ... Nicole and Olivia together with Polka, Destiny, Copper and the many other horses on the farm, including the most lovable pack of dogs and not forgetting to mention the tortoises have created a tranquil environment where the unique magic of self unfolds. Thank you for your gentle nurturing approach to unlocking the blocks that stop us from moving forward in life with grace ... I highly recommend this experience ... with much love and gratitude
Anonymous 's picture

My Spiritual Journey to Find Myself

Olivia and Nicola thank you for holding a sacred space for me to find that portion of myself that seemed lost and confused. The experience was a profound and special spiritual awakening on my quest to find that portion that was a hinderance and that will allow me to move forward with my life. The significance of the 4 week journey was that you assisted me to find practical solutions to issues that we identified. Through your guidance and with the help of our spirt guides, being the incredibly beautiful horses, we quickly identified the underlying issues I has grappled with since early childhood. But more importantly while holding a safe and gentle space for me, I was able to seek out practical solutions in order to overcome my issues. I have seen incredible and exciting changes within a short space of time. I will always be so grateful for what feels like a midlife breakthrough. The healing I experienced on many levels has been life changing.
Justinne's picture

Intuitive Spirit Earth Healing

Olivia and Nicola, I would like to thank you for taking me on a profound and special spiritual awaking. The 4 week journey was one I am so grateful for. In a very short space of time with your gentle guidance together with the beautiful energy of the animal guides being the horses, I was able to identify the key issues I have been grappling with for years. With you assistances I could very quickly identify key underlying issues and come up with solutions in order to overcome what has been a life long hindrance for me. What I was especially grateful for was the fact that the issue was identified but a practical solution in order to overcome the issue was found. Over the years I have been on a journey to establish a practical solution for my issues. It seemed daunting. Your 4 week program was significant in allowing me to move forward. Thank you for your professionalism and in-depth insight, love and non-judgement. The changes I have seen already, are exciting and Profound.
Anonymous's picture

My Earthwalk experience

Thank you Olivia and Nicola for holding space for my Earthwalk journey so expertly, kindly and gently. You guided me to be open and intuitive and work from the heart, and trust my inner wisdom and insights. I became aware of life patterns that were keeping me stuck and influenced my relationships, my emotional life, my wellbeing and how I view the world. It all became clear in the gentlest most natural and loving way, I felt so supported by the land itself, the ever present mountains and trees, as well as my horse and dog companions. I go away with many tools to delve deeper in the richness I have unearthed -animal, plant, bird and mineral allies to explore my personal themes further. I will continue journalling as it was such a potent way of recording my thoughts, dreams and the synchronidities that confirmed I was on the right track, all weaved together to make up my unique story. I shall climb that mountain and send you a pic. Much love and deep bows. AHO

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