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Noordhoek , Southern Peninsula , South Africa
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Valentina Leo - Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

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Valentina Leo - Tantra & Sacred Sexuality offers Tantra, Yoga in Noordhoek

My background is in the visuals and performing arts, along with my personal exploration of Tantra for the past 20 years.

I started as a dancer, and chose to explore a classical indian style with Odissi . I went to India to learn more about this, and found myself on a journey of immense transformation. In my regular visits to Orissa over a 10-year span, I spent time studying with a variety of teachers of the tradition, and many hours of academic research into the Tantric lineage of this practice. I befriended a temple priest that became my intimate guide into secluded Tantric temples and traditional site of worship. He became my personal connection into a Tantric lineage of priests that are still to this day the caretaker of some major Temple sites in Bhubaneswar. When i escaped the dance school , in tears , with sore feet and heavy heart ...I slept on the floor of such temples, like pilgrims do - with the monsoon rain outside - and the wondering rats inside!

I brought a very specific style of dancing back home with me. Understanding the dance as an expression of Sacred Sexuality, I painted myself blue and took the appearance of an Indian divinity, thus  becoming a unique performing artist -covered by Top Billing and other curious media. During the height of my performing career, I would go back to India once a year to revisit the roots of my art, and eventually discovered that my dancing was really just a way of entering into the tradition of Tantra- my true love.

I developed a spontaneous and natural connection to the popular Madame Zingara brand, first as a performer, then as a manager of performers, and finally as creative director of the Theater of Dreams. My creative partners and I have always judge the impact of an act by whether we'd want to make love to it , or not - if it didn't open us up and seduced us with its raw magnetism, it would not be featured in the show. Simple.

I didn't  realized it then , but now I can clearly see that I was already incorporating a tantric approach to my creative work. 

Tantra is essentially the understanding of the immense force we call Love. It's a spiritual science that's been around for thousands of years, and is still applicable to this day. It's the artistry of being alive. 

In my individual sessions, I see people who come to me for a host of different reasons. From issue with sexuality to lack of life directions. Too much sexual drive or not enough. Adrenal burnout and the feeling of not-belonging. I teach deep Presence and Embodiment. I coach elders with their changing sexuality as an energy resource, as  well as teenagers with the expansive potentials of their creative sexuality. I coach performance artists and acrobats, into birthing truly authentic performances. I mainly work with seekers of Truth and Lovers that have lost their Loving.

I don't do any sort of "healing" - what happens is simply a re-membering: a calling back of all the dis-membered parts of the psyche into the body. In tantra we don't believe that anyone can ever be broken because we see everyone in their own innate, fundamental  perfection. We simply facilitate a deep remembering of a person's own fullness. I sometimes refer to myself as a spiritual midwife, helping people to give birth to the love that is already inside them.

I offer intimate and interactive events that use sexuality and the body as a tool to explore and understand the teachings of Tantra, as a philosophy of Freedom . These typically include Retreats , day worshops ,  Traditional Tantra Yoga classes,  Tandava dance, Touch Work and more ....

I offer private Session in person or via Skype , and I take on students for tailor made long or short intensives with me .
I appear to naturally be getting more and more into the line of teaching teachers and practitioners, but my teachings are for all seekers - all who are interested in the essence of love, and long to live a happy and fulfilled life. 


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Traditional Tantra Yoga & Philosophy at Shri Kali Ashram
Dakini at Advait Tantra School
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Christine Bayly

Valentina's work

Valentina has taken me on many journeys into myself and each one has been not only a revelation, but a Becoming. Me becoming more myself in the kindest, gentlest, most profound way. She is an authentic, gifted, and I believe, Divinely-led teacher and I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life.
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Lover's Training workshop Nov8-14

Valentina Leo, you are magic at inspiring a desire to feel all of life in its fullness and the deepest connection to that divine within. Such a beautiful progression into the depths of these practices. I CAN FEEL. This is so amazing. So much love, jan

Namaste Valentina

Valentina is a wonderful deeply generous teacher. I love her tantra. Practicing with her is a real joy.

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