Numerology - Level 1 Course
15 Feb (All day)
0861116126  26 Burnham Road, Plumstead, Cape Town

Numerology - Level 1 Course

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Learn and understand the hidden meanings of the root numbers 1 to 9.

The birth chart provides an intensive study into your strengths, weaknesses and lessons.

Calculate your personal year, month and day and learn to work with the Master Numbers.

Know Thyself. Numerology is the deepest form of psychological profiling known to man.

Both distance learning and physical classes available.

The cost & details:

The classes are held at the Cape Town campus, 26 Burnham Rd, Plumstead

Distance learning R550 p/m

Physical classes R750 p/m

Contact for more.

Cost / Pricing: 
R550/month for distance learning OR R750/month for physical classes
Teacher / Instructor: 

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