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Olivedale, Randburg
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Samantha Le Roux - Serenity Natural Healing

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Energy Healing
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Samantha Le Roux -  Serenity Natural Healing offers Energy Healing, Crystals, Flower Essences in Olivedale, Gauteng

Samantha is an “Earth Medicine Alchemist,” an Intuitive Therapist and Spiritual Teacher specialising in Emotive Energetic Healing.

She is the Founder of the Serenity Spiritual Network, an online forum for like-minded individuals, Empaths, Parents and Therapists to connect with each other, share information, expertise and obtain spiritual and educational nourishment.

Passionate about Shamanic healing and working with the powerful energies of nature, crystals, plant and flower medicine, her expertise lies in emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Samantha combines her own unique healing gifts into her own range of handcrafted, Earth nourished medicine integrating this into her own unique healing modality of Flower Therapy Healing. This healing is gentle and deeply loving, nurturing and transformational bringing about massive shifts in one's mental perception, childhood and past programming, traumas and emotional states.

Healing the emotional and spiritual body is absolutely essential in this day and age and extremely potent and powerful at treating and preventing physical illness and disease. Most of our physical illness is rooted in our thoughts created through our day-to-day life experiences. *The mind is so powerful that it can be “programmed” to kill the body within a 6 month period and will manifest an illness or disease through persistent thoughts and beliefs and programming, however, by integrating emotional and spiritual healing, we have the ability to shift, heal and transform this through a mere 2 months!

Medicine for the Soul, the Serenity Natural Healing range of products is proudly South African, 100% natural and includes a variety of Flower Essences, Crystal Essences, Healing Sprays and Perfume Oils.

Through Serenity Natural Healing, Samantha also offers the following services:

• Flower Therapy Healing & Floral Acupuncture Sessions

This is a one-on-one, on the body treatment using flowers and crystals and working with Nature Spirits and Shamanic energy. It includes intuitive body scanning and using the Flower and Crystal Essences on specific meridian points of the body to bring about profound emotional healing benefits and balance to allow the body to heal itself.

• Personalised Crystal and Flower Essence Consultations

Includes consultation + unique combination dosage bottle using the Serenity Natural Healing range of essences as well as other local and international flower essences - Because each individual is unique and different, combining various essences provides a very personalised healing experience.
This is particularly useful for Adults, Children and Teens suffering from emotional and mental challenges, learning problems, peer pressures, abuse, loss, grief, ADD, ADHD etc

• Intuitive Healing Products:

This is like having a personal reading like a psychic reading but instead, a unique product created (channelled) for the client.
This session includes a 30-40min consultation + the intuitive product.
There is a 2-3 week lead time after the consultation.

• A range of workshops, retreats, online classes, e-Literature
(meditation recordings, eBooks)

Samantha’s own spiritual healing and teaching journey started many years ago from early childhood.

Passionate about empowering others, her goal is to inspire, motivate, heal and support others to be their grandest version of the highest vision they hold true for themselves. Thus Serenity aims to enrich true Divine potential in order to experience a purpose driven life.

For more information please visit:

* Source: Book written by Theresa Walstra Spirit Medium – Mechanics of Mediumship 2005.

Products range between R65 to R175

Healing services rates:

• Flower Therapy Healing & Floral acupuncture: 40min session R350 / 60-80min session R500

• Crystal & Flower Essence Consultations: Initial consultation (1 hour) + dosage bottle R350 / Follow up consultation R300 (includes dosage bottle) / dosage bottle only R120

• Intuitive Healing Products (Consultation + unique channelled product) R500

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5 - 10yr
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Certificates in: Colour Therapy Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy & Essential oils, Natural Skin Care & Skin Nutrition, Herbalism
Spiritual Teacher trained by Margi McAlpine (founder of the Angel Connection School of Africa)
Certified Flower Therapy Healer – Robert Reeves – Naturopath - (Australia) • Intuitive Plant Medicine Practitioner – Asia Suler – One Willow Apothecaries – (North Carolina)
Usui Reiki Practitioner attuned by Reiki Master Sharon L. Kennedy
Ongoing studies: Shamanic Healing – currently training under Joshua Maree
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