Munay Ki Rites Re-ignition (OnLine)
11 May, 9:30pm to 17 Aug, 9:30pm

Munay Ki Rites Re-ignition (OnLine)

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This is an invitation for those of you who have already received the Munay Ki Rites.  These Rites feel even more relevant as we navigate the changes of these times. The Munay Ki Journey consists of 8 fortnightly sessions starting on 11 May.

Instead of Robyn gifting the rites, you will receive and gift the rite to others, who like you, have already received them. It is a chance to build confidence in sharing the rites. The process of sharing the rites grows the energetic seeds even more strongly, deepening your connection with the Rites and their gifts.

This journey will be happening concurrently with those who are new to the Munay Ki Rites. This means that you will get a refresher on the story behind each of the rites and learn about aspects of Shamanism. Each session we welcome one of the Harmony Rites archetypes and embark on a 2-week meditation of working with the archetype.

The cost is R1200 for 8 sessions.

11 May, 25 May, 8 June, 22 June, 6 July, 20 July, 3 August & 17 August. The sessions start at 10.00am are about 2 hours long. The first session is 3 hours.

I know that many are longing for in-person sessions.  Last year I shared the rites online and it worked.  With the nature of the sharing of the rites  – being forehead to forehead for several of the rites, think that it’s best that the journey remains online.

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Robyn Fergus

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