Metaphysical Practitioner Course 2019
22 Jan,
6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Metaphysical Practitioner Course 2019

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This Metaphysics Course completes your practitioner training. Aligning you to take on clients and start your metaphysical practice as a professional.
It will develop and refine both your ability to work as an advanced intuitive practitioner and advanced energy healing practitioner.

The Metaphysical Practitioner Course is made up of 3 modules:

Module 1 – Intuitive Practice
Module 2A – Generic Skills
Module 2B – Anatomy
Module 3 – Advanced Energy Healing

Body of Work
This course modules run on different day/times with different facilitators for the various modules.

Module 1 – Intuitive Practice:
Course outline attached.
Please note that the 3rd level courses are designed to equip you to become a metaphysical practitioner, working with clients at a high level of expertise and integrity. As such, they are intensive and very practical, and you will be diving into working with friends and family almost immediately as part of developing your skills. It’s an exciting and hands-on journey that requires a certain level of commitment and a passion to follow a path of healing and service, whatever form that may take for you.

Module 2A – Generic Skills:
It is content rich and most of the exercises are individual ones, so we’ve designed it to be done by distance learning, with a hard copy workbook.
This module gives you the skills and industry standards/requirements to set up your practice. You will work through practical exercises in setting up your own practice and getting started as a practitioner.

Module 2B – Anatomy:
This is basic level information meeting the standard required by energy workers to build a working understanding of the body and to support your healing. The content is all fact-based and assessed through showing you understand the information. There is little abstract concepts to understand here and so we’ve designed it to be done by distance learning, with a hard copy workbook.

Module 3 – Advanced Energy Healing:
Learning and applying practical techniques for developing your energy healing ability to professionally serve and assist others.
–Principles of energy healing
–Applying energy healing
–Tools for energy healing
–Applying advanced energy healing

Body of Work:
This involves your case studies and work experience portfolio being finished off combined with your body of work done through MV in the courses you have completed.

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