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The Wild Love
Guinevere Guest Farm, Portion 1 of farm 402, Waterval
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The Wild Love

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The Wild Love was founded by Carly in 2017 as an opportunity for women to come together for sincere human connection, to share an experience, be empowered and have fun.

Carly has always felt a deep connection with the earth and all the creatures living therein. After completing her studies as an interior designer, her heart guided her to another somewhat less traveled road entirely, as she spent months living in the South African bush and gaining her field guide certification. Combining her various and varied skills, Carly brings a stylishly earthy insight into nature’s bounty, sharing her knowledge about herbalism, wild food foraging, farm-to-table cooking and natural movement at The Wild Love. 

The retreat center is based in Tulbagh, in the Western Cape, and is surrounded, almost cradled, by majestic mountains on a nature-full farm. Carly will also be offering pop up dinners, workshops and events in Cape Town from 2019- watch this space

Our down to earth women empowerment retreats are about connecting to nature, to each other and to yourself - to nurture the heart, body, and soul by giving the tools for self-empowerment.
Through the use of re-wilding and traditional life skills, natural movement and yoga as well as the self-development workshops, we aim to nourish from the inside out, releasing the inner wild woman, bringing you in alignment with the meaningful life you are here to live.
We want to give women the opportunity to explore their true potential and allow their light to shine brightly in this world

Empower- embrace your self and reclaim your power with the tools shared during our empowerment workshops
speak your truth and bare witness to others doing the same, acknowledging and befriending your deepest desires, fears and joyfulness in a safe, lovingly held space

Re-wild- to rewild means to restore ancestral ways of living that create a greater health and well-being for humans and the ecosystems that we belong to. learn to communicate with nature on a deeper level and as your senses expand, we discover a new peace, sense of adventure, and companionship with the wild. through meditation, elemental yoga, primal movement and nature immersion, you’ll discover just how entwined with nature you are.
the interconnectedness of woman and nature is woven into the wild love retreats where we explore wild food foraging, honouring the phases of the moon in ceremony and embracing the cycles of the seasons
learn about wilderness living skills, folk medicine and rituals of our ancestors such as sweat lodge, cacao and red tent ceremonies
earthing and hiking, while taking in the clean air and breathtaking views, we are invited to reconnect to source

Nourish- nourishment is an important part of the wild love experience and integrates not only in vibrant diet but through sincere human connection.
We serve organic meals created with love and packed with superfoods, providing the nutrients needed to energize and revitalize from the inside out.
A more subtle nourishment is found in the connections and quality time spent with like-minded women.
most importantly you will be given the time to connect to your self and slow down enough to hear the ever-present song of your heart

Move- we will be moving our bodies in various ways, whether hiking, running or doing yoga as the benefits are not only physical but extend to mental and spiritual well-being
stepping onto the mat every day, we will be exploring different styles and techniques of asanas, pranayama and meditation
moving in nature have numerous physical and mental health benefits.  reduce stress, improve  mood and self-esteem and boost creative thinking with a walk (or hike) on the wild side
conscious and primal movement is an integral part of the wild love experience as it is through this that we open our hearts, release tension and let energy flow, creating space for us to go deeper in our workshops and all other areas

Carly strongly believes that there is nothing more powerful than women coming together to share their stories and experiences and warmly invites you along for this wildly empowering adventure

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