Path of The Goddesss
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Path of The Goddesss

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Path Of The Goddess

The year 2021 is the Return of the Solar Feminine, the merge between heaven and Earth. The great mother Isis inspires us to live from the heart and awaken to Sacred feminine Activism. What does the return of the Solar feminine mean? It means that we are returning to our God nature as the divine incarnate in the physical body. Our cosmic Shakti is descending into our bodies so that we can become embodied. This serpent energy spirals through all cycles of creation, through the sacred Rose, the flower of life and creation. She wishes to be remembered, she wishes to embed herself in our wombs as the Divine Shakti that gives us life, beauty, wealth and vitality. She wishes to break the curse of poverty consciousness on African soil and support each and everyone of us to unearth Africa’s true Gold and awaken the Golden Age of prosperity, peace and abundance here in Africa.

You have known for a long time that you will be called to take your place in the sacred Feminine circle of life for the next 13 moons to awaken the seed of light within you, to awaken to your divine nature and sacred service to humanity. As women we embody the great chalice and are the creators and continuity of society. We are called to bring healing to ourselves so that we can be the divine portal that re-activates the divine blueprint of humanity across the world. We are being called to awaken to the Path of the Goddess, to collectively soften the hearts of men and to rebirth in this Aquarian Age, Love, peace, harmony, joy, prosperity and abundance.

In this 13 moon journey you will experience the tree of life and the Solar Flame of Isis come alive within you to awaken the Divine Gifts that reside within your sacred chalice, your womb. The womb is an eternal gateway to a magical realm of wisdom that holds the secrets to all of life and only through healing and activating this energy center can you unlock those secrets. This power we possess has been lost through eons of oppression, enslavement and abuse from the dark patriarchy. We will plunge into the wound of separation, the original mistake. A place where we can be honest with ourselves and be shown where we are being cut off from our truth, separated from God and from the Divine feminine.

The Celestial Goddess Isis will support you to heal, open, receive, flow and emanate more Light, allowing you to draw towards you everything you need to physically support your body and your life. You will to truly discover who it is you are, you will truly awaken to yourself and develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and the Goddess.  You will awaken to your power and embody you true feminine Essence. You will be supported to live your fullest potential and birth it into the world to fulfill your Divine Purpose. 

We will also explore Sacred Feminine Arts which will heavily support your healing and daily practice which include  Womb Yoga, Dragon Shakti breath work, Tibetan womb pulsing, sacred feminine rituals, prayers and meditation. You will also receive psychic surgery, soul retrieval healing, removal of curses, clearing and monthly upgrades on your energy system.

What are The Grail Gates?

In the ancient Egyptian feminine mystery schools, initiates took a journey through 7 ‘gates’ or ‘veils’ of consciousness to reach the heart of creation, the Great Womb. At the centre point of the Womb Cross is the Grail Rose. This etheric portal to the Cosmic Womb is a filled with pure Love, which heals, dissolves and rebirths all. Each month  you will be guided to awaken 1 of the 8 Grail Gates of your womb completing the journey at the 8th grail gate, the blueprint of creation - the Cosmic Womb. This feminine knowledge is also held in the Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism and Yogic practices, where the Lotus is symbolic of the Cosmic Womb within. This practice allows you to embrace both your light and shadow, integrate you masculine with your feminine. To awaken to your Androgynous state.

Course Content

The Grail Mysteries

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua
Womb Rites
Royal Road of the Feminine
Womb Medicine Wheel
Journey through the grail Womb Cross 
Moon Alchemy
Awakening The voice of The Womb

Shadow Work
Facing The Abyss
The wound of Separation
The Fallen Kundalini
Healing The Female Bloodline
Healing The Mother Wound
Overcoming Victim Consciousness
Rescuing The Inner Feminine
Transcending Duality, Embodying the Sacred Masculine

The Tree of Life

The spiral of Creation
The 7 realms of the Feminine Consciousness
The Caduceus
Dance of The Masculine and Feminine
Awakening the Inner Twin Serpents
White Tantra: Creating Sacred Union Within

Egyptian Alchemy
The Journey of Isis 
Awakening to Sacred Sexuality 
Kundalini: Safely Awakening your sacred fire
Alchemies of Horus
The Sex Magic of Isis
Awakening your wild Feminine Essence 
Purifying your Sexual Energy
Healing The Mother Wound
Mother, Daughter and Rebirth
Healing the Feminine by embracing The Masculine
And so much more….



  • Releasing wounds held in the pelvis area and imprints from the 9 months in the womb 
  • Restoring health and purity within the body and different parts of the energy system 
  • Releasing parental imprints – The mother influence 
  • Clearing ancestral patterns working with the blood line Healing the Female
  • Blood line 
  • Shamanic Feminine Rebirth and Resurrection 
  • Connecting with your sensuality and creative power 
  • Melting into the softness of the feminine dimension
  • Deepen your connection with Mother Earth 
  • Connecting with sisterhood

Course Duration: 13 Months

Start Date: 28th March 2021-March 2022
Course Registration Deadline: 25th February 2021
Venue: Based in Johannesburg ( Exact venue will be confirmed end of Jan 2020)
Exchange for monthly class: R 990 p/month. Which includes the cost for coaching, manuals, mp3’s, healings and transmissions. Tea and biscuits will be served. Welcome to bring own lunch for hour lunch break)

The fee will be reduced to R890 if you bring along friend who also signs up or if you have registered for more than 1 course.

This course will be a full day course held 1 Saturday a month for 13 months. Once you have registered for the course by signing a registration form, course details of the dates and venue will be sent and confirmed with you.

Please note that this course is for personal healing and empowerment and not registered with the board of higher education. If you are a healer, life coach or shamanic practitioner, the tools and initiations shared in the course will greatly support your practice.

To register or make an inquiry please email me at, 079 0288 874

Places are limited so please book your place and register soon to avoid disappointments


About Your Facilitator:

In the year 2019 Gogo Sophia received a powerful initiation from Isis who rose from the Lotus flower and guided her through the 7 veils of existence within her. Where she experienced her core wounds and revealed the 7 shadow aspects that are preventing her from awakening her androgynous state. Along this journey she encountered several Avatar beings, including Sekhmet. (Who showed her both the shadow and light aspects of her sexual energy) and that which locks our Kundalini. When she reached the cervix of her womb, she was shown a powerful vision of how when we integrate our shadow and light aspects, restore harmony in our light and shadow, yin and yan then we will awaken to the androgynous state and experience sacred union with ourselves, in our partnerships and most importantly with the world. 

It is through the backdrop growing up in segregated South Africa, that she became aware that the real separation was from within, separation from source, and living in this kind of society has been a powerful teacher and initiation into awakening to Sacred Union within. It was a very powerful and profound sexual rites of passage that when she worked through the woundings of the Cervix, she experienced the end of separation consciousness and the awakening on Unity Ubuntu. As the Wisdom keepers of Africa we are being asked to facilitate and unite the Dragon of the North with the Dragon of the South, to break the black curse of money and separation so that prosperity and abundance can flow to our people, especially the women and children of Africa. By embarking on this journey with Gogo Sophia we are collectively coming together to bring healing to our wombs, our sisters and daughters and ultimately our communities and the Earth at large. 

When you heal yourself you heal others, you be come a portal of light for the wisdom, power and medicine of the Divine Feminine to flow through you. Healing your relationships with your partner, children and most importantly with yourself!



So much more of myself feels integrated and whole.My finances and my thinking around them are starting to grow. My friends are spectacular and vibrate a special frequency. I don’t feel like I have to try. I don’t feel like I don’t belong. I am centered at my core and I can feel how that shifts the world around me.
I have always been that but I had little confidence and let my power vanish.The addictions no longer rule my life. I know how to be compassionate with myself but not give in to temptation. It feels like a blessing being so effortlessly sober. It took a lot of hard work in the spirit world cleansing and facing these shadows. Which is worth every bit of it. The woman I was 13months ago and the woman I am today are held in love. I let go of the old and step boldly into my true self. Your guidance and partnership has been invaluable. Words cannot discribe. Great gratitude, love and respect to you Gogo. That you walk your walk and talk your talk so that as your student I can explore and play in my full potential.


The Path of the Goddess is a journey for all womxn. A journey which we all must walk to remember our true sensual empowered essence so that we can show up in our lives as the Goddess we are born to embody. Gogo Sophia held us all in sacred space to allow each of us to shed, unfold and bloom in honour of our individual Goddess paths. This path is not an easy one and often requires one to sit in the shadows of the heart to face what has been hidden and forgotten which holds us back from awakening. This course with Gogo Sophia provides the tools to walk the Path of the Goddess with strength, courage and deep surrender to one's own process. I now walk consciously and awakened to the Goddess that I am and I couldn't have fully come to this place without having gone on this journey guided with non-judgedment and unconditional love by Gogo Sophia.


Gogo Sophia is a Sangoma and Priestess. She is qualified shamanic, soul retrieval and Chod practitioner who has over the years received multiple training and instructions through various Master Shaman Healers and Teachers from various traditions. Having her roots in African Spirituality, Christ Consciousness, Tibetan and Andean Mysticism, Gogo Sophia considers herself as an integrated healer that can bring all that experience to her work. She has a holistic approach to each individual she personally works with, using the alchemical power of nature, alchemical psychology and the great elements of spirit to bring divine healing and empowerment.

As an African Shamaness she is a student of the principles of Ubuntu, learning to restore harmony within herself in order to be in right relationship with others. Her life long soul initiation has been to bring harmony between her inner shadow & light, to heal the wound of separation within herself so that she can support others to do the same. Polarity integration supports us to return to wholeness by overcoming the illusion of separation, and as we heal ourself in that way we support our immediate environment and the rest of humanity to awaken to healing. That is how we serve humanity. By bringing healing to ourselves we bring healing to all others. We heal ourselves by returning to wholeness.

There are many levels of embodiment, and many spiritual deaths and rebirths that we will undergo in this lifetime and it is important to receive the support and guidance as we undergo these “life changes”. The Master is merely there as a guide to catapult you toward your own Self Mastery. You are your own inner Shaman and Healer and that is the awakening that Gogo Sophia intends to guide you to. 
“ He who does not seek, is not likely to find.” Paracelsus "

To learn more About Gogo Sophia’s work please visit:

Minisode: The Womb As A Sacred Space
Conversation with Gogo Sophia


Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tsholofelo Monare( Gogo Sophia)


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Coaching enquiry

Hi Gogo Sophia


I trust you are well.

I'd like to enquire about one on coaching with you. Please assist in how we can initiate this.

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Hi Jenny,
I have forwarded your contact details to Gogo as well and I'm sure she will contact your shortly, alternatively her mobile number is listed with your profile.

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