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Path of The Goddesss

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Path of The Goddess: Birthing Prosperity & Abundance

This next cycle of Path of the Goddess is about restoring our relationship with the feminine principle to increase our financial flow, prosperity and abundance. As the divine creatrix of life and gate keepers of the earth; it is time to step into sacred responsibility to birth a new paradigm around money. When our womb space is seeded with fear, pain & lack consciousness, we birth and create from limitation. By meeting the source of our limitation at the place where it is created; the womb of creation, we are able to transform pain, suffering & fear around money to fertility, joy, prosperity and abundance.

Healing Intergenerational Trauma

For women, poverty consciousness is an intergenerational womb, where the patriarch was the only member of the family that took responsibility for creating wealth and providing. The Patriarch continued for generations to build  empires, lead house holds and make decisions around wealth and money. As women we were able to create the safe container through which men could flourish & create wealth, but not for ourselves. Today women and children are the greatest victims of poverty & inequality, this has become the legacy of our Fore Mothers, giving sole responsibility to the patriarch has created intergenerational trauma and fear around money for women today.

Separation from source & the feminine principle means separation from wealth. You will only awaken to your greatest joy and live your best possible life once you have embraced sacred union with the divine. Money  & greater flow is seeded by our connection with the Divine Feminine & Mother Earth. It is also enhanced by activating your womb power as a channel for conscious creation.  In the next 13 months, you will be supported, held and guided to resuscitate this powerful vortex of creation within your body. You will be supported to awaken the light within your inner womb grail to clear the distortions that have separated you from source and have created the glass ceiling in your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

Restoring  Joy in the Body

We are remembering how to return to living in our true nature as the authentic human, an ancient, eternal and infinite God source being. Part of that remembrance is experiencing “Joy in the body, which unfolds when we return to source, to our true divinity. We will heal the body  that has been unloved, judged, shamed, oppressed, abused, assaulted and ignored through hundreds of years of false the programming, gnosis, and dogma. through the resurrection of the true Divine Feminine Through the return of the mother Arc we now have access to the sacred technology that will upgrade your DNA and override the genetic damage that has been sustained through eons of abuse both in men and women.


Breaking the 7 Seals of Consciousness Around Wealth


In the ancient Kemetic & Egyptian feminine mystery schools, initiates took a journey through 7 ‘gates’ or ‘veils’ of consciousness to reach the heart of creation, the Great Womb. At the centre point of the Womb Cross is the Grail Rose.

This etheric portal to the Cosmic Womb is a filled with pure Love, which heals, dissolves and rebirths all. Where in your consciousness have you felt separate from the divine? Where have you felt unsupported by the Earth? Where have you lost your sacred entitlement to wealth and your divinity?

Each month  you will be guided to awaken 1 of the 8 Grail Gates of your womb completing the journey at the 8th grail gate, the blueprint of creation - the Cosmic Womb, which is an infinite source of wealth. This feminine knowledge is also held in the Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism and Yogic practices, where the Lotus is symbolic of the Cosmic Womb within. This practice allows you to embrace both your light and shadow, integrate you masculine with your feminine. To awaken to your Androgynous state.


Course Content


Shamanic Rebirth Through Womb Medicine Wheel

Restoring Wealth of Being in the womb space

Birthing a New paradigm

Sacred Midwife of the Golden Age

Healing Ancestral & collective trauma around wealth

Working with the Earth & Water Elementals

Grail Gate Initiation: Reclaiming your Lioness Royalty

Awakening to Sacred Entitlement

Sacred Feminine Leadership: Birthing the Golden Age

Awakening your wild Feminine Essence

Purifying your Sexual energy & enriching your creative energy

Healing The Mother Wound of separation

Healing the Feminine by embracing The Masculine



Releasing Ancestral fears around money
Dissolving the barrier between money & spirituality
Releasing wounds held in the pelvis area and imprints from the 9 months in the womb
Restoring health and purity within the body and different parts of the energy system
Releasing parental imprints – The mother influence
Clearing ancestral patterns working with the blood line Healing the FemaleBlood line
Shamanic Feminine Rebirth and Resurrection
Connecting with your sensuality and creative power
Melting into the softness of the feminine dimension
Deepen your connection with Mother Earth
Connecting with sisterhood
What you receive:

·13x 1 full day access to online course
·13x PDF manual/ rituals & self practice
·13x audio integration, healings and meditation
·Access to Path of The Goddess Yearly Retreat( Cost exclusive)
·VIP Access to monthly in person sacred pipe, drumming, meditation &  prayer circle

Course Duration: 13 Months Start Date: 22nd January 2022 - January 2023 Course

Exchange for monthly class: R 1250 p/month. Which includes the cost for coaching, manuals, mp3’s, healings and transmissions. 

The fee will be reduced to R 1000 if you bring along friend who also signs up or if you have registered for more than 1 course.

International Fee: $ 120 and $100 if you bring a friend 


Early bird registration: 9 Septemeber-17 September

This course will be a full day course held 1 Saturday a month for 13 months. Once you have registered for the course by signing a registration form, course details of the dates and venue will be sent and confirmed with you.

Please note that this course is for personal healing and empowerment and not registered with the board of higher education. If you are a healer, life coach or shamanic practitioner, the tools and initiations shared in the course will greatly support your practice.

You do not need to be a healer or a shaman or have any previous experience in this background to do the course. This course is simply for everyone that wants to do the work and is committed to their path, healing and awakening. It will greatly support your Ascension.

To register or make an inquiry please email me at, 079 0288 874

Testimonials from 2020 Spiral:

So much more of myself feels integrated and whole.

My finances and my thinking around them are starting to grow.

My friends are spectacular and vibrate a special frequency. I don’t feel like I have to try. I don’t feel like I don’t belong. I am centered at my core and I can feel how that shifts the world around me.

I have always been that but I had little confidence and let my power vanish.


The addictions no longer rule my life. I know how to be compassionate with myself but not give in to temptation. It feels like a blessing being so effortlessly sober. It took a lot of hard work in the spirit world cleansing and facing these shadows. Which is worth every bit of it.


I am my name!

I am I am

I am the light

I am the power

I am graceful

I am compassionate

I am self care



And to think that this is just the beginning of the journey

The woman I was 13months ago and the woman I am today are held in love. I let go of the old and step boldly into my true self.

Your guidance and partnership has been invaluable. Words cannot describe. Great gratitude, love and respect to you Gogo. That you walk your walk and talk your talk so that as your student I can explore and play in my full potential.


My path started with uncertainty, fear and alot of self pity.. This journey has taught me to have alot of "innerstanding", to embrace my light and shadow.. In the process of embracing self I was able to invoke the warrior in me, the woman that I admired to be, in my innerstanding I was able to love myself in an unimaginable way. I accepted myself and became more gentle with self.I thank Gogo Sophia for her guidance, her gentleness and overstanding. Ps I was able to she some weight, which has been a struggle for me for a while.



The Path of the Goddess is a journey for all womxn. A journey which we all must walk to remember our true sensual empowered essence so that we can show up in our lives as the Goddess we are born to embody. Gogo Sophia held us all in sacred space to allow each of us to shed, unfold and bloom in honour of our individual Goddess paths. This path is not an easy one and often requires one to sit in the shadows of the heart to face what has been hidden and forgotten which holds us back from awakening. This course with Gogo Sophia provides the tools to walk the Path of the Goddess with strength, courage and deep surrender to one's own process. I now walk consciously and awakened to the Goddess that I am and I couldn't have fully come to this place without having gone on this journey guided with non-judgedment and unconditional love by Gogo Sophia.



Places are limited so please book your place and register soon to avoid disappointments

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tsholofelo Monare( Gogo Sophia)


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Coaching enquiry

Hi Gogo Sophia


I trust you are well.

I'd like to enquire about one on coaching with you. Please assist in how we can initiate this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Jenny - 079 888 2066






Hi Jenny,
I have forwarded your contact details to Gogo as well and I'm sure she will contact your shortly, alternatively her mobile number is listed with your profile.

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