Munay Ki Journey
9 Jun, 10:00am to 15 Sep, 10:00am

Munay Ki Journey

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You are invited to join the Munay Ki Rites Journey.  Receiving the Munay Ki Rites, together with meditations, takes one on a journey of cleansing and self exploration as to how one perceives the world.  It invokes change where required and opens the pathway of empowerment to know that one can change how experiences life. It is a time of awakening and deepening of connection to Spirit.

The rites are energetic seeds that are planted at spirit level in your luminous energy field (aura). The seeds grow by connecting with fire (a candle flame will do) and meditating on the ‘seeds’ planted in the luminous energy field during the gifting of the rite.  

This journey is designed around the Harmony Rite meditations.  When you receive the Harmony rite - the seed of an Archetype is planted into each chakra. You need to meditate for 2 weeks on each archetype to clear out psychic sludge in the chakra, and to connect to the archetype so that you can experience life with the gifts and knowledge that each Archetype brings.

During the Munay Ki Rites Journey you will learn about creating Sacred Space, the Luminous Energy Field, creating an Alter and other topics relating to shamanism such as working with the four Elements and the Four Directions.

Sessions on Tuesday mornings 9.45 for 10.00 start. They will be 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the rite shared and feedback from the group.  The first session is longer as two rites are shared. 

The Journey will start on 8 June 2020 for 8 sessions meeting every fortnight. This is to allow for the initiate receiving the rites time to absorb the gifts that the individual rites offer. You do need to attend all 8 sessions.

If you miss a session we will make a plan for you to receive the relevant rite during that week. You'll be sent a recording of the topic on Shamanism and of the Archetype Meditation.

Cost R2500 (Payment plans are available - please speak to Robyn)

Depending on Lockdown this workshop will either be On Line and/or at Inner Peace Healing in Hout Bay.  

If there are enough people who are only able to attend On Line -  I will run an On Line only on the Tuesday evenings.

Cost / Pricing: 

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