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I was introduced to The Journey in the year 2000 by my mum when she watched an interview with Brandon Bays which really struck a cord with her.  She recommended that I buy the book, The Journey by Brandon Bays, as something had happened in my life that she felt could make me really ill one day.  I bought the book, and it was as if I was going on a journey myself by just reading the book.

Brandon visited South Africa that August and my mum and I did The Journey Intensive seminar together. I was immediately hooked, and attended the Advanced Skills workshop the next weekend. For the first time in my life, I was able to come to completion with my low self-esteem and feelings of deep guilt

Thrilled by the effects of The Journey work on these long-held emotional issues, I applied the techniques to a chronic pain I had been experiencing in my lower back. The process revealed to me that the trauma of an earlier armed robbery was lodged in my back, and three months after that Journey process, the pain disappeared. I was impressed by how The Journey could be so effective in healing both emotional and physical issues, and started trying it on my friends and family. Needless to say, it worked on everyone!

In 2004 Brandon returned to South Africa and I attended the seminar as a trainer. When doing a Journey swap with another trainer, I accessed the cell memory that brought me to The Journey and it was as if my soul was saying that it was time for me to get on with my life's purpose. I knew that sharing the powerful Journey work was my life's purpose, and that was serendipitously the first year that Brandon started offering the practitioner training in South Africa.

In 2005 I received my Journey Accreditation, and went on to become the Administrator for the Journey Outreach Office that was opened in South Africa. The experience was phenomenal, and when the opportunity arose for myself and my life partner John to become custodians of the Journey in South Africa in 2008, we couldn't have been more excited at the prospect. After an intensive interview with Brandon and her husband Kevin and attending The Journey's advanced No Ego Retreat and Journey Intensive in Cork, Ireland, we were awarded the custodianship of The Journey in South Africa for Africa. There is very strict criteria internationally as to who can present The Journey seminars, so we were humbled and honoured that we were able to do this.

Two years ago, I wrote to Brandon saying that John and I wanted to grow The Journey in South Africa, offering the No Ego Retreat and Life Transformation Week on her behalf. She agreed, and last year I underwent the powerful Life Transformation Week with her as a trainer. Ten days after returning home, I offered the first Life Transformation Week in South Africa. 

To date, John and I have trained 22 Journey Practitioners. We've hosted 78 Journey Intensive Seminars, 70 Advanced Skills workshops and 20 Abundance Retreats countrywide and across Africa. While the Intensives have spread the fastest, the Abundance and No Ego Retreats are reported as the most loved of the Journey experiences as one keeps deepening into your own essence... In between offering these events, I'm still offering private one-on-one session myself, offering Journeys mainly via Skype, and sometimes on our beautiful small-holding on the Hibiscus Coast. 

What I really love about The Journey is that the work is all-encompassing. It's a complete, wholesome, full-circle process created and offered in grace, and the results speak for themselves. 

Because of all our experience with the large Journey Outreach programmes, it is my long-term dream to empower people working with communities to conduct the work where it is most needed. I truly believe that South Africa can be a beautiful rainbow nation if we can all just have the opportunity to address these deep seated issues of the past . 

Journey seminars we offer across South Africa:

  • The Journey Intensive
  • The Advanced Skills Workshop
  • Conscious Communication
  • Manifest Abundance Retreat
  • No Ego Retreat
  • Life Transformation Week
  • Liberating Kids' Shining Potential
  • Out of the Blue
  • Stop the Food Fight
  • The Junior & Teen Journey
  • Visionary Leadership

For more information on The Journey and the dates and locations of our upcoming retreats, visit 

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Debbie's picture

The Journey courses

I met Lydia and John for the first time in 2015, when I did the Conscious Communication course. Wow! What an eye-opener! I learnt to communicate more effectively and more consciously and the changes I have seen in my life since then have been astounding. I attended the Journey Intensive and Manifest Abundance workshops at Bodhi Khaya in July 2016 and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to fast-track very positive changes in their lives. Being in the presence of the pure, honest and open-hearted Lydia and also her life partner, John, is a truly amazing experience and their authenticity actually folds its arms around you and wraps you in a week-long hug. Amazing people who do amazing work. I think that the Journey should be taught in schools, it so necessary for everyone!
Lara's picture

Three Life-Changing Experiences

I attended a Journey Intensive Seminar at the beautiful Bodhi Khaya retreat centre earlier this year. I didn't know much about the work and had no idea what to expect, but two days later I was an absolute Journey convert! I was astounded by the depth and breadth of the work, and the deep wisdom and compassion of the facilitators (Lydia and John). I ended up staying for the Abundance Retreat over the weekend, and then travelling to Saldanha for the Out of the Blue retreat the following weekend! I learnt to much about myself and the reasons behind my current challenges, and was finally able to experience freedom from 28 years of conditioning and resultant blocks. Thank you Lydia for the most incredible Journey - you really are an amazing healer, and Brandon Bays herself can be proud of your continuation of her work in South Africa!

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