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Craniosacral Therapy
Live Blood Analysis
M Technique
Bodywise offers Craniosacral Therapy, Live Blood Analysis, M Technique in Pinelands

Your body has inherent wisdom that allows it to heal. We all have this capacity, but it can be impaired through lifestyle choices, nutrition and trauma (both physical and psychological). Helping people to find their health has always been a driving force in my life.

I am happily married with two young children and integrative health is a major part of our lives, as well as immersing ourselves in nature as much as possible. For myself, I have been practicing Kung Fu and Qigong since 2000 and 2002, respectively.

True health comes from treating the body as a whole, not a collection of separate symptoms and parts. To this end, I am certified in a range of treatment options to address the whole client, including:

Craniosacral Therapy: works with the nervous system and internal fluids of the body to remove restrictions and facilitate proper communication throughout the body. It can assist with physical injuries, emotional trauma, behavioural, neurological and auto-immune conditions.

Live Blood Analysis: uses a microscope and video screen to display a sample of your blood for examination in real-time. It can help to identify health challenges caused by lifestyle choices, nutrition, toxicity, acidity, parasites, the immune system and other organ systems.

Cupping Massage: is an innovative form of massage that uses soft cups to create a gentle vacuum, which significantly improves circulation and lymph drainage. It can assist with pain, stress, migraines, depression and cellulite reduction, to name just a few benefits.

'M' Technique: a form of light touch massage with incredible pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing effects. It switches on the body's natural healing mode (parasympathetic nervous system) and is deeply relaxing.

Visit for more information on each treatment, or come for a treatment to see for yourself. (I'm based in Pinelands, Cape Town.)

Remember: you deserve to be healthy!

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09:00 - 16:30
Accept credit cards
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2 - 5yr
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Bachelor of Science Degree | University of Cape Town | 3 Years
Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training | Integral Health | 1 Year
Microscopic Evaluation of Live Capillary Blood | Neogenesis Health | <1 Year
Bellabaci Massage Technique | Bellabaci Massage | <1 Year
The 'M' Technique | RJ Buckle Associates LLC | <1 year
R200/30 minutes
R350/60 minutes
R500/90 minutes


Roné Swartz's picture
Roné Swartz

A man of character

After a mere 2 years of being intrigued about getting into the field of Live Blood Analysis, I decided to do some ground work prior to committing to the course. I called about 6 practices around Cape Town to arrange a possible job shadow. All turned me down except Simon at Bodywise in Pinelands. Simon agreed to meet with me within 4 days of my request. The meeting was really insightful and an inspiring Simon showed me a glimpse into the day and life of a Live Blood Analyst. One of the very popular Live Blood Analysis companies that turned me down, told me that the only way they would allow me some time was if I paid for a R350 consultation. Simon selflessly allowed me a chunk out of his day, free of charge and even showed me the step by step process of how to analyse blood using a specimen of my own blood, what a bonus! Simon, what you have done for me is truly invaluable and I've walked away feeling even more intrigued and cannot wait to be at means to do the Live Blood Analysis Course. I will forever be grateful for the kindness which you have shown me and would like to wish you the very best for your practice and for your career.
Rose's picture

M Technique

Thank you again for a superb M Session. After you'd gone I felt weak, out of it and strange. I grounded by eating food which helped. I felt I was releasing. I did drink water, as advised. The next day I felt there were levels of me restoring -- an inner spark awakened and I felt more determined to re-enter life, perhaps in a different way. I tired by early evening yesterday. Today, I feel a little less robust, but I feel that whatever you are doing is helping. Than you very much.
Catherine Lewis's picture
Catherine Lewis

Craniosacral Therapy

When I went for my first CST session, I wasn't too sure what to expect. Simon made me feel comfortable and well-contained through both of the sessions I attended. Following each session I experienced an increase in my energy, mental clarity and productivity in both my home- and work-life. CST has been a wonderful way to re-center and re-energize myself.
Marietjie van Zyl's picture
Marietjie van Zyl


I tend to have stiff neck muscles and over the years I've visited various massage therapists. I can recommend Simon as a therapist who gives an outstanding treatment. His profesionalism and caring approach is excellent. Above all it is the quality of the massage as such that matters and I am happy to say that his treatment was probably the best I've ever received.
Wilna Botha's picture
Wilna Botha

Live blood analysis

I saw Simon a week ago for my first live blood analysis. In the professional environment of his consulting room and with his calm and knowledgeable approach to the session I relaxed quickly and was fascinated by what I learned so much of my own blood and how my lifestyle impact on it and therefore on my whole body and vitality. I was so inspired that I made a few crucial changes to my day-to-day life. I can recommend Simon whole-heartedly as someone who puts his client's well-being and interest at the centre of the session.
Janet Dorfan's picture
Janet Dorfan

Healing hands

I would recommend Simon as a therapist in the highest degree. Simon literally has "healing hands". I would recommend him to any of my patients or friends.
Lindsay Voogt's picture
Lindsay Voogt

Live Blood Analysis

My first time nerves turned to complete fascination when Simon's images of my live blood cells appeared on his computer screen. It is amazing to see the complexity and life within a drop of blood. Simon was very clear in his explanations and his calm and caring manner kept me feeling safe and interested to hear more. His feedback and written report were extremely thorough and I have left the session with a new awareness about how my lifestyle affects every cell in my body to varying degrees. I now have areas to focus on like reducing my stress levels and supplementing my diet towards greater health. I feel empowered in how to move forward in creating sustained health and look forward to our next session.

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