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Artist's Way Workshop - Cape Town
26 Burnham Road, Plumstead, Cape Town
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Artist's Way Workshop - Cape Town

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Personal Development
Art and Creative Processing
Artist's Way Workshop - Cape Town offers Personal Development, Mindfulness, Art and Creative Processing in Plumstead

The Artist's way workshop is a 14-week self-discovery journey based on the book 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.
This is an expanding journey as we work through the book and do the creative exercises to reconnect with our inner child and with inner artist.
In creative recovery your adult self "understands" your wound, but the creative inner child must actually heal it.

We form a creative cluster and within this safe space we free our creativity and allow ourselves to experiment and get back to the essence of our true divine selves.  It is a spiritual approach to creatively to get in touch with that magical inner knowing of why we are here and what our souls yearn for.

Each group that comes together is a small - not more than 6 people. I prefer small groups so that everyone has individual attention and guidance as we work and discuss the tasks.
As the weeks progress we are mirrors for each other as well as supporters and motivators of each other’s dreams. As Julia says in her book “we are meant to midwife dreams for one another..."  And it is very much within this caring and inspirational way that I host my groups. The support and sense of belonging in these groups are magical, every time!

I use the book as the foundation for the workshop. My approach to self-healing is from a heart centered and holistic space. Creative practice and process might seem frivolous to the adult self – but it is a very valuable process to the re-awakening in yourself and your inner creative. In other words, to move forward we must go back and heal the inner child.

Your creativity starts to blossom and take shape as you have a new perspective and find the sparkles and magic within yourself that you have long forgotten about or was hidden because of old believes and social conditioning.

Two cardinal tools in the Artist's Way are The Morning Pages and the Artist's Date. We use them throughout the 14 weeks and beyond. These Cardinal tools together with the various creative exercises like painting, drawing, writing, vision boards, collages, mixed media and many more all allow the mind  to be quiet and your inner voice to speak through your creativity.
As Jung has said: “Often the hands will solve a mystery that intellect has struggled with in vain".

The Artist’s way is a long term commitment for those that are committed to their own inner and spiritual growth.
You will leave this workshop with more self-knowledge, new tools, creative ideas and self-care tips.

"Renee is passionate about people. Motivating and supporting others on their journeys to harness the talents they have and create their own magic is what drives her.
She is a highly intuitive individual and she inspires others to be courageous and follow their inner calling. Renee has completed various courses in metaphysics, intuitive development, crystal and energy healing. She is a laughter yoga instructor and has facilitated the Artist's Way workshop for the last four years. With great communication and interpersonal skills, she guides and empowers others to accomplish their goals through counselling and mentoring."
Renee came into my life at the most unexpected of times and for that I am forever grateful. The Artists Way Workshop is about self-discovery, self-care and nurturing that inner creative within us. You are propelled into taking a closer look at your creative self and feeding your beautiful soul. Renee is patient, intuitive and really has a knack for making you look at yourself in a different way! This workshop was a true blessing and one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. As Plato so wisely states, 'The unexamined life is not worth living'. So, with 'The Artists Way' as your map and Renee as your incredible guide, you are promised a life changing journey.      (Jenna Scholtz)
The Artist way course run by Renee gave me a safe space to go back to the inner child and reflect on who I am, what my desires are and allowed me the space to be creative and to play again. The morning pages have been such a gift and really helps give me focus and clear my head. (Kim McNulty)

Workshops are held at Metavarsity, Plumstead and Rust-en Vrede, Durbanville throughout the year.
Please contact me for scheduled dates and times.

For Further enquiries and bookings contact Renee Nell


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Vibrational Energy Management Certificate, Vemasa, Durbanville
Arsist's Way Workshop, Cape Town
Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate, Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga
Indian Head Massage Certificate, Dr Iqbal Badat
R3 600 for a 14 week workshop
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You owe this to yourself!

Make yourself a priority...set yourself goals and set yourself boundaries. Renee, guided by The Artists Way shows you just how to do this. You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible and in doing so, you will better be able to take care of YOU!
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Cláudia Basson

Kickstart the rest of your life

Great self discovery journey with like minded friends....get unstuck....start to flow again....retrain your brain and re direct your habits towards what really is fulfilling for you ...learn to acknowledge all you've been through....and use those experiences to propel you into the you YOU wanna be...

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