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Kuzorora Day Spa offers Spa in Pretoria / Tshwane

Wellness and relaxation is a key pillar to management of stress than ensues from our busy lifestyles. Taking time out to stop and think bring balance and provides avenues for renewed creativity and a zest for life.

Kuzorora African Spa unique  offering combines the best of authentic African healing administered by qualified therapists in a relaxing country setting. Aptly named Kuzorora African Spa,meaning relax in Shona; the experience is a delightful infusion of African healing herbs e.g. serokolo, kgogopa (aloes), african potato, marula oils into a memorable and educational experience for our clients.

The symbol of our Spa is an Andinkra symbol which stands for: "The earth has power", life is about balance.Our Spa philosphy is holistic wellness and improving your way of life. Our treatments are pre-ceeded by self assessment and consultation session. Your spa consultant will advise treatments based on your particular needs.

Gender Exclusive: 
2 - 5yr
Listing Type: 
Employee Wellness (UNISA)
Basic Counselling (INTEC College)
Professional Nurse and Midwife (Baragwanath Hospital)
Offering dependent

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