Maruschka NLP Life Coach & EFT Practitoner
61 Church street, Prince Albert, 6930, South Africa
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Maruschka NLP Life Coach & EFT Practitoner

LISTING > Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT  in Prince Albert

Life Coach
Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT
Maruschka NLP Life Coach & EFT Practitoner offers Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT, Counselling in Prince Albert

I am a Transformation NLP Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, a EFT/Tapping Practitioner and Registered counsellor. My work focuses on personal development and empowerment. I help clients to overcome any struggles, challenges, obstacles and block to living the life of their dreams and that which they deserve. I help them to find their inner voice in order to speak their truth and thus re-discover unconditional self-love and acceptance. I use processes that are powerful and at the same time practical, user friendly and noninvasive to overcome challenges easily and effortlessly. I transform peoples lives by helping them to identify their most pressing issues and then to release all unprocessed negative emotions and limiting self beliefs that are limiting them. I work in the subconscious mind without hypnosis in order to change my clients old way of communicating with themselves and others. I also work on thinking patterns and coping mechanisms. By resolving my clients inner conflicts, I help them to rediscover their purpose. I build up their self-esteem and confidence which leads to feeling relief from being stressed and overwhelmed in their current life situation. I help clients to focus on what they truly want and deserve by teaching them the creative process and how to take inspired action to reach their goals. All resulting in feelings of lightness, happiness, freedom, joy and bliss. I have a variety of packages and programs available. I also do workshops, retreats and motivational talks. I am based in the small town of Prince Albert, in the Central Karoo district in the Western Cape, South Africa. I am also prepared to do work in the surrounding areas and towns.

Open Time: 
9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday
Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
Listing Type: 
Honors degree in psychology/ UNISA/ 2 Years
NLP Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & EFT Practitoner certification/ NLP Life Coach Academy/ 1 Year
R350.00 per hour coaching session
R450.00 90min EFT session
Pricing for workshops/ Motivational talks depends on duration and topics covered.
Programs and Retreats vary between R5000.00 - R15 000.00


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Brilliant Life coach!

Never thought I needed a transformation, but was blown away by the results. Loved every minute of it! Would recommend it to anyone, anytime...

We are only limited by our

We are only limited by our imagination. When we believe it we WILL soon SEE it!!! Together we will achieve whatever the heart desires.

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