Astrology for Self-Empowerment
17 Sep, 6:45pm to 10 Dec, 8:45pm

Astrology for Self-Empowerment

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Astrology for Self-Empowerment with Margarita Celeste

Dates: 17 September – 10 December (12 Mondays)
Times: 6:45pm – 8:45pm
Venue: Plumstead, Cape Town
Cost:  R2200

The course is aimed at beginners who have an interest or curiosity about the amazing Art of Astrology, and wish to take that interest deeper and alchemise it into knowledge. It will cover the basic skills needed to accurately read and understand the Astrological Birth Chart with some depth, and will help students to gain a more profound knowledge of themselves and others in relation to the heavens, leading them to a deeper place of understanding about Life Cycles.

Astrology is a lifelong journey, and with this course, students will be able to open up to a wonderful world that keeps giving in its abundance of knowledge to be learnt. Hence, the course is not for those who wish to practice professionally (i.e. as a career), but rather as a springboard to take the course further into a vocational field should they wish to do so. Further guidance will be given to those students.

Students are asked to bring a notebook, colour pens, and a tablet or notebook if possible.


Day One: Introduction

• Introduction of Margarita Celeste
• Introduction of Students & knowledge of Astrology – aims and goals
• Forming a sacred circle; introduction & meditation, intention setting
• Introduction to Astrology – what is Astrology, why do we use it, what can it do?
• A brief history of Astrology
• How Astrology Works
• Hand out of Birth Charts – Example of a Chart

Day Two: Chart Basics

• Dualities
• The Elements
• The Triplicities
• The Quadruplicities
• The Ascendant & Midheaven as planets
• Chart Shapes
• Brief workshop with charts

Day Three:

• 5 personal Planets & their meanings
• 5 impersonal Planets & their meanings
• Benefics & Malefics
• Workshop 7 traditional Planets in elements, triplicity & quadruplicity

Day Four:

• The 12 Signs & their meanings
• Essential Dignity – Domicile, Detriment, Exaltation & Fall
• Workshop Planets in signs & strength – WHAT & HOW principle

Day Five:

• The easy aspects : trine & sextile, sometimes conjunctions
• Workshop Planetary aspects

Day Six:

• The hard aspects : opposition, square, sometimes conjunctions
• Workshop Planetary aspects

Day Seven:

• The Houses 1 – 12 : cadent, succedent & angular – the WHERE principle
• The ASC, IC, DESC & MC Angles
• Easy & Challenging Houses
• Placing Planets in houses & Planets ruling houses (planets ruling signs)
• Workshop of planets in houses & ruling – no interpretations

Day Eight:

• Merging & putting it all together – workshop Planets in and ruling Houses – WHAT, HOW & WHERE principle.
• Equations for putting Planets & Houses together

Day Nine:

• Going over Houses
• The Ascendant’s motivation & the Chart Ruler (your most important planet)
• The Midheaven and the Career
• The Sun and the Soul – our Purpose in life
• The Moon & her phases – how do we fulfil our purpose
• Putting the 3 together

Day Ten:

• Life Cycles
• Reflection & Discussion on ours or someone else’s Life Cycles – looking at Outer Planets in the houses as lessons.

Day Eleven:

• Touching on Transits – introduction
• Workshop with partners

Day Twelve:

• Final Class – questions and answers, revision
• Swopping partners and interpretation of class charts – pick someone you know, a celebrity or famous person.

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Margarita Celeste

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