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Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa

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Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa offers Callanetics in Randburg

Do you want...

  • More energy?
  • Better coordination, balance and posture?
  • No more back ache?
  • Natural appetite control?
  • A loss of centimetres all round?
  • Improved strength, flexibility and endurance?

The South African Callanetics Programme offers safe, gentle, fast and visible exercise solutions for people with little time and high expectations.

Callanetics was developed by Callan Pinckney in the USA, and her forerunner, Lotte Berk in England.  The exercises are being further developed in co-operation with Swiss doctors and specialists for movement coordination. They are formulated according to the most modern knowledge of anatomy.

The Aim

With the SA Callanetics method for body form and posture, you can mould your body within the boundaries set by nature.

The basis is the anatomically correct use of the body.

Through intensive activating of the pelvic floor and the optimal lengthening of the body, the posture changes.  All movements are executed three-dimensionally – the natural way in the truest sense of the word.

Training the deepest muscle layers plus dynamic stretching and relaxation – this is the formula for success through SA Callanetics. At the same time joints become supple and flexibility improves.

The Technique

Exercises are precisely coordinated with each other to train all muscle groups.
Efficiently.  Gently.  Powerfully.
Exact positions and tiny movements with many repetitions activate muscle cells and build strength.  Dynamic stretching of the muscles makes them flexible.


In the SA Callanetics method, the safety of your back and joints are of utmost importance.  Each and every exercise is in harmony with your body’s anatomy.  Your spinal column dictates the optimum position.


Use gravity for your well-being and beauty.
Experience in your own body how the consistent lengthening of the spine brings back this special lightness, which you thought had gone forever!

Body Awareness

With the SA Callanetics training you learn to listen to your body once again, and to accept your body as a partner for your mind, spirit and emotions. You will find out how much your body can help you to improve the quality of your life…

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Callanetics Teachers Assoc. of SA  

Sylvia Lampe
011 795 3311
Sundowner, Randburg, Gauteng

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