Awakening the God-Brain Retreat with Shaman Joshua Maree
25 May (All day) to 28 May (All day)  Forest Edge, Knysna

Awakening the God-Brain Retreat with Shaman Joshua Maree

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Knysna Forest Weekend Retreat with Joshua - Andean Shaman - This workshop is a must for those wanting to develop the many gifts, talents and psychic powers of the Higher Mind and God-Brain. Specifically focusing on natural health medicine coaching, on how to detox the brain, utilising various extractions and healing techniques to support clearing the neuro pathways of the brain. This is achieved by working with belief systems, childhood memories and traumas, which ultimately blocks the potential of the God-Brain.
Joshua will also be performing & teaching The Womb of Life - Full Moon Womb Rebirth Ceremony and conducting Four Winds Healing 1-on-1 Sessions - available to book. Email us on for a detailed Info Pack. Max20 Attendees.

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