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Yoga4Kids South Africa offers Kids Yoga, Yoga in Rivonia

South Africa's leading provider of children's yoga classes and children's yoga teacher trainings, Yoga4Kids has been successfully spreading children's yoga and life skills throughout South Africa since 2003.

Yoga4Kids is represented nationally, with teachers in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

We offer classes for YogaTots (ages 3 – 7), YogaKids (ages 8 – 12) and YogaTeens (ages 13 - 18). The Yoga4Kids curriculum offers an age-appropriate mind, body and heart balance to children through exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation skills. The curriculum is based on yoga practice, mindfulness practice, and the life skills and wellbeing workshops developed by Yoga4Kids.

The non-profit arm of the brand, the Yoga4Kids Foundation runs free weekly classes at child and youth care centres around Cape Town.  Our outreach classes currently cater to approximately 40 children, all of whom have been removed from their home situations for various reasons and are now in foster care at the centres we visit. The children range from ages 4 to 12, and are from all over Cape Town. Yoga4Kids trainees and teachers are encouraged to use their new skills to give back to the community through this worthy seva project, which we will soon be expanding across the rest of South Africa. 

Suzie Manson,  the Founder of Yoga4Kids South Africa and an experienced children’s yoga teacher trainer, studied under one of the forerunners of children’s yoga, Fenella Lindsell, in London. She is accredited with the Art of Health & Yoga Institute in Britain and the Yoga Fellowship in South Africa


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Certified Children's Yoga Teachers
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Lara's picture

Becoming a Yoga4Kids Teacher

My Yoga4Kids teacher training was really a life-changing experience. I learnt so much about how to work with the big souls found in little bodies - not only through the physical yoga poses, but also through a range of wonderful and imaginative mindfulness and life skills techniques that are particularly engaging for kids. Since completing my training I have already dived into putting my new skills to use, gaining a great sense of fulfilment from helping out with the Yoga4Kids Foundation outreach classes every Sunday afternoon. What an adventure!
Tiare's picture

Pure love

The most soul inspiring journey..the training took me back to believing that the world is a magical place and wanting to spread that message all over. Whenever I see a child now I can't help but think of Suzie's words: a child's soul is 6 feet tall! (so let's stop un-seeing that..). Apart from the inspiration and all the learnt things, it's the most important thing I've ever done, because teaching yoga to kids can really make a difference in the world! I wish everyone could do yoga and I wish this could be taken to every kid in the world.. And after all the theory and playing with ideas, the Yoga4kids Foundation run by Lara made me fall in love with it even more. It makes such a difference in these kids' lives to believe in their own power and it made such a difference in mine to participate in helping bring that message across. Can't express what it does for your heart <3
Tammy Tinline's picture
Tammy Tinline

Open Souls with Yoga4Kids

My love for children and my constant desire to make sure the child of me stays with me brought me to Yoag4Kids and I am so blessed to have been given a platform where we can spread the love, kindness, power, strength and freedom that is yoga. Children are the purest beings on earth and sometimes that pureness and the power that the children have is covered up and packed away by society. Yoga4Kids is a doorway for them, a place to express themselves, a safe place where they can just be. Having the opportunity to be with these souls is something that is so surreal and magical. To be able to plant the seed of yoga in these precious beings is the greatest gift that has ever been given to me and the gift of time and trusr that these children give me is even greater. I am so grateful that I am also apart of the Yoga4Kids Foundation - a chance to make a difference. A chance to give them back the power that has been taken from them. No words can give this journey the credit is deserves - it's something that needs to be experienced. By you.
Chelsea's picture


my Yoga4Kids training has been an inspiring and happy journey. It has put me in touch with my inner child and opened my mind and heart. The potential benefits that yoga can bring to any and every child's life and state of mind are amazing and beautiful. I have learned that every child has the power within themselves and through the practice of yoga, they are able to become the magical beings that they are. <3
Imrah's picture

So Grateful

☆ Jan- June 2016: I have completed my yoga 4 kids training (age 3-6 and 7-12 ). I now need to teach 100h to get my international qualification. Again I listened to my heart, that I needed to do this training and it was the best decision ever. I have no experience with kids and I was terrified of them because I've been through so much trauma in my childhood that I would run away when I see kids. The first training I cried when I had to explain why I was here and I came to realise that the child inside me needed healing- that's why I was there. That I needed it as much as they needed it. It opened wounds and made me so vulnerable. It made me emotional. It's been an emotional couple of months.. of deep healing. People think that it's a normal training, just like a normal course. Our teacher says that we were chosen to do this work. This is beautiful. Being chosen to plant seeds in children's life - imagine if someone told you that you were beautiful when you were 3 years old when the whole world told you that you were unworthy or that someone taught you how to protect yourself so that nothing or no-one can disturb your peace. This is what we do. This is what we were chosen to do. I wish I was taught how to handle life, people, bad thoughts ect but I have now the opportunity to make a positive impact in children's life. Yoga is not a sport. It's a healing practice.if you experienced yoga as an adult can you even imagine the positive impact it would have had on you if you were taught from age 3. I have no words. The training taught us how to teach yoga to kids (in schools & children's home), remedy kids (autism ect). But also parents and child classes. We were taught how to teach kids that they are beautiful inside and out, with handicaps (physical or mental) or not. That everything they need in life is already within them... to look at every child with respect and love them unconditionally. This was the last training and while saying our last words, one of the trainee cried - she mentioned how teaching yoga to her kids has improved her relationship with them and her family, how it has brought them closer. This is what it's all about - bringing back or reinforcing that connection. For me, I am not afraid of having kids anymore. I'll be a great mom and I can't wait to teach my kids everything I've learnt - and I will practice on other kids until I get my own. It's going to be magical. I now teach yoga to women, kids (starting next month - 8 to 12 years old to begin with) and i know that I'll do the prenatal training next year - to help women in this beautiful journey called pregnancy... and to prepare myself as well. I'm so... grateful.
Tarryn Cothill's picture
Tarryn Cothill

Motherhood and Yoga4Kids

Yoga has indescribably touched my life so much. I wanted to learn how to teach my own kids this wonderful practise which will help them navigate life's challenges with a little more ease. The techniques and methods have truly helped my kids in being calmer and more confident within themselves. This course has helped me in being a better mother and doing yoga together has deepened our bond and understanding of each other. Suzie is one true angel on this earth!
Tiziana's picture

Highly Recommended

I'm presently doing this course with Suzie and absolutely loving this journey! She has an incredible knowledge and passion for what she teaches. Highly recommended.
Josi's picture

Loved my training!

Loved my training with Suzie! A true inspirational yogi with a vast knowledge specialising in children.

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