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Hajira Khalfe

LISTING > Akashic Record Clearing, Life Alignment  in Rondebosch

Akashic Record Clearing
Life Alignment
The Emotion Code
Hajira Khalfe offers Akashic Record Clearing, Body Spin - Life Alignment, The Emotion Code in Rondebosch

Akashic Record Clearing is a psychic-spiritual modality that assists in aligning fully with your Soul purpose by removing negative energetic blocks and restrictions that are limiting you from creating the life you want.

An Akashic Record Profile and Clearing session can bring you to greater understanding and clarity about finding the life you were meant to lead and to connect with your Soul’s purpose.

In addition to my Akashic Record Readings, I am a Life Alignment and Home Alignment Practitioner.  My experience and knowledge also extend to the areas of Body Code, clearing trapped emotions using Emotion Code, tissue salts and Chakra teas.   I am passionate about holistic healing, and it would be a pleasure to introduce these modalities to those who would like to journey with me down this road.

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Soul Realignment Advanced practitioner (Akashic Record Readings)
Life Alignment and Home Alignment practitioner
Body Code and Emotion Code
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Hajira puts an enormous amount of work and effort into the Akashic record clearing. It's an immensely moving and insightful process. After doing the clearing work, huge shifts were activated in my life. It's highly enjoyable and intriguing. If you're curious about all the many things that might be influencing your life - you'll find it fascinating. Hajira is a lovely facilitator.

An Amazing Experience

I have an interest in past lives, and Hajira was able not only to unpack my past lives but with great detail explain where and how my soul works. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I recommend her to all my family and friends who are going through major shifts in there lives and need help clearing karma.
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Susan landsberg

Akashic reading

Hajira is a delightful lady. She exudes warmth and compassion with a passion for spiritual growth and need to help others. I had an Akashic reading and had 21 days of release homework. After this time I experienced a very pronounced shift in my energy vibration. I feel like I've been bolstered to a new dimension...a veil has been lifted. I suffered with anxiety which I now know has been released. I am happy to report my personal experiences to anyone who may with to know more. I experienced body code this week and Hajira pinpointed with such precision my innermost inhibitions and released them. Her work is life changing and she is a gift to us all. She is so knowledgeable and wise and is happy to share all she knows. I would advise anyone to contact Hajira to help you start living the life you're supposed to live.

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