Francesca Gasparre - Practitioner of NLP
Simunye Primary Health Care, 6 Main Road, Three Anchor Bay, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005
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Francesca Gasparre - Practitioner of NLP

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Personal Development
Francesca Gasparre - Practitioner of NLP offers NLP, Hypnotherapy, Personal Development in Sea Point & Three Anchor Bay

Certified Practitioner Of The Science And Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Based Technique & Coaching.

- I offer NLP and Time Based Technique for feelings of stress, fear, sadness, guilt, anger, hurt, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, amongst other emotions.  

My ambition is for my clients to lead a life they aspire to achieve, to explore life’s possibilities so that they can heal, thrive, and grow into who they are truly meant to be.   

- I offer one-on-one Solution Focused Approach coaching and communication.

Different avenues are explored with client/participant(s) and it always amazes me how much the client feels empowered by their untapped talents and abilities.

I value ideas and views expressed by a client and I am always impressed by the honesty the client brings into a coaching session.

It is the exploration of ideas that brings about awareness which results in the development of planning that brings about change.



1. I decided to embark on this journey of NLP, without knowing much about it, and based only on one or two conversations with Francesca. I wish I had met her 20 years ago, or more. Something in my life needed to change, and I just didn’t seem capable of bringing about those changes myself.  If I am honest, at the time I didn’t even know exactly what it was that I wanted to change. The initial consultations with Francesca proved to be an awakening. She got me thinking about my life, my thoughts and my behaviour in ways that I never had, and even before we did the Time Based Technique, I felt small but incredibly meaningful changes happening.  I committed fully to the process and put my trust entirely in Francesca. Her genuine interest and care during the time we spent working on me, made the experience all the more special.  It is difficult to put into words what Francesca and NLP have done for me. After decade after decade of self-limiting, self-destructive thoughts and behaviours, I feel like a new, better version of myself. Every single day I am amazed at the results and I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation.  Along with respect, I have a huge amount of gratitude to Francesca and this technique. “Catherine”

2. Francesca's Time Based Technique helped me release lingering emotional resentment to past events. By being assisted in acknowledging and then letting go of strong emotions, past experiences are then viewed more objectively and learnt from. This also carries with it a future benefit, as one now reacts with greater objectively to new situations and circumstances, without the cumulative hindrances of the past. Thank you Francesca “Steven Norman”

3. Francesca Gasparre is a stronghold in her field. She encompasses every ability in her field of work at the utmost highest level. Her communication skill, coupled with heartfelt sincere kindness - is magnetizing. I have not met many people in her line of work, that possess such gentle determination. Francesca, knows how the brain works, and she knows how the human mind works. She uses this knowledge like a fine tuning fork, with each different individual that encompasses her path. Francesca has impressed upon my heart, what an extraordinary person truly is. I support, trust, and recommend her highly.  “Lori Inman”

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Open Time: 
14:00 to 20:00
Off Street Parking
Wheelchair accessible
5 - 10yr
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Certified Practitioner of the Art and Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Affiliation: The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP)
Time Based Techniques Diploma
Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. Affiliation: Association of Integrative Pyschology (AIP)
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills
Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Time Based Technique - Set of 4 sessions - (5:30hrs)
Solution Focused Communication - Set of 6 sessions - (05:30hrs)
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