The Mindful Recovery Centre
Toni Shaked, Room 504, Sea Point Medical Centre, 1 Regent Road, Sea Point / Mandy Johnson, Room 103, Gibraltor House, 74 Regent Road, Sea Point
Mandy Johnson 082 568 4806 / Toni Shaked 082 331 5411
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The Mindful Recovery Centre

LISTING > Mindfulness  in Sea Point & Three Anchor Bay

The Mindful Recovery Centre offers Mindfulness in Sea Point & Three Anchor Bay

The Mindful Recovery Centre was formed in order to offer individuals dealing with addiction and codependency, an innovative and well-researched programme, which can assist them in learning new skills to better navigate the challenges, which arise in early recovery. Our training and programmes are designed to activate integral mindfulness principles to assist individuals and families to develop a balanced and compassionate approach to recovery and to grow towards healthier ways of relating in life. Our intention is to redirect the focus of recovery from abstinence and sobriety, whether of substances or behaviours, to supporting and developing optimal health, resilience and continuous growth in individuals and families. We don’t believe people in recovery need to be spoken down to or rescued. We do believe that each human being has innate potential and resources that allow for them to grow and thrive. Many however, just need the support, encouragement and knowledge to navigate and learn how to best access their own authentic power and presence.

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10 - 20yr
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Mandy Johnson: B.SOCIAL SCIENCE (UCT) l Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling/Coaching (SACAP) l Certification in Mindfulness (STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY
Could be claimed from medical aid, depending on your policy
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