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Sweeter Freedom offers Nutrition in South Africa

Sweeter Freedom  –  solutions dealing with Food and Sugar Addiction. Your food management, weight and exercise management application.

Sweeter Freedom focuses on recovery for weight-loss.

1.     Included is a food addiction questionnaire.

2.     Sugar detox

3.     There is a food log so you are accountable for what, when and why you are eating.

4.     Body measurements table as well as a rotating photograph device for you to track visual progress.

5.     There is an exercise log which captures energy level, activity performed, duration, time of day as well energy levels on completion of exercise.

6.     52 new habit system where you build on to your previous new habits.

7.     ANONYMOUS CHAT forum. You create any profile and can engage in an online therapeutic process which therapist facilitates. This is a pay as you go system.

Sweeter Freedom was created by Joanne Lloyd, a registered counselor with the HPCSA (Health Professional’s Counsel of South Africa). She qualified with a BA Sports Science from the University of Stellenbosch in 1995 and a BPsych from Midrand Graduate Institute in 2008. During her time at Stellenbosch she played hockey for the varsity team, Maties and for the provincial team, Western Province. She taught physical education at St. Stithians Collegiate and Boys Prep School where she coached sport at both school and provincial level. She then moved on to personal training where she worked for the corporate law firm, Webber Wentzel Bowens as their in-house trainer for 5 years.

Since completing her BPsych in 2008, Joanne has been specialising in substance abuse and dealing with addictive disorders. She has had extensive exposure to the major drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa. She obtained her clinical experience from various areas which include: The Crescent Clinic, Houghton House Treatment Centre, First Step Recovery Centre as well as her own private practice since 2008.

Joanne is equipped to deal with psychological and emotional needs of individuals seeking treatment. She has experience in trauma, general counseling, group therapy, and has a special interest in addiction counseling. In due course, her practice has expanded to include individuals who have an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food. The link between overeating and any other addiction became evident; has given much attention over the past couple of years to assisting individuals with their struggle with overeating, food addiction and an unhealthy relationship with food. Joanne started a Facebook page called “Sweeter Freedom” and realised that because of the shame and guilt attached to obesity and overeating, that there were never any comments or feedback on the page. This triggered her to start the Sweeter Freedom workbook and Application, which provides people with the opportunity to start a therapeutic process, anonymously.

With her enquiring mind, Joanne went on to study further to complete the pie. In 2017, she completed a Sports Nutrition Course through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). This qualifies her as a Sports Nutritionist. Experience tells her that a healthy mind, good nutrition and training go together, and results will come when all of those elements are improved. As a Nutritionist, she can give general nutritional recommendations to support healthy eating behaviour.

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