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Moira Burmeister / Coaching in Nature SA

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Life Coach
Trauma Counselling
Moira Burmeister / Coaching in Nature SA offers Life Coach, Counselling, Trauma Counselling in Southern Suburbs

Hi, welcome to this space – being in nature appeal to you? 

I invite you to come and experience Life Coaching / Counselling in the nuturing 'therapy room' of nature. My philosophy is very much about working in a holistic / integrative manner. For the past 35 years, I have had the privilege of working with individuals in the wellness industry on many different levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The emphasis of which is: to work together as a team, with nature, to find new and practical ways of moving forward in life.

Whilst I welcome all persons that wish to work in nature for whatever reason, this work is especially beneficial to those who are stressed or have been traumatised recently or in the past, as well as those who are in some life transition and seeking a way forward e.g. relationship, career or simply a mid-life crisis.

The environment that I work in is particularly special, as it is in the forest on the periphery of Kirstenbosch. This safe environment provides a space of healing, relaxation and an opportunity of seeing our life from a different perspective. This assists the process of finding new pathways forward.

How do the sessions work?

Individual sessions are 60 - 90mins long during which we either sit / walk in nature depending on your needs and fitness levels.

Group sessions generally are tailored to suit the needs of the group. These sessions are particularly useful for Corporates / NGO’S seeking effective methods to deal with stress or a particular issue e.g. conflict. They can also be used as a team building exercise. Small groups of up to 10 are ideal.

Mindful walks in Nature-need a few hours of silence to gain clarity, de-stress or simply to connect to nature. Join our monthly group or create your own group to meet your needs. 

Self-EmpowermentCourse in Nature – is designed specifically to deepen your connection to self, others and nature and learn practical tools to deal with limiting beliefs, fears and challenges that hold you back from leading the life of your dreams. The course is run over 3 weeks with each session being 2 hours. This course is well suited to people who have high stress levels such as executives and care givers in NGO’S / health sector.
Please see website for upcoming courses or create your own with 4 or more people and yours will be free.

I look forward to being of assistance to you.

Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
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BA Honours in Psychology specialising in trauma counselling
Diploma in Psychophonetics. (this is a 3 year programme including life coaching, counselling and leadership)
Certificate in Trauma Counselling
BA Nursing Science
Diploma in General Nursing / Midwifery
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