Full Moon Women’s Womb Gathering
20 Sep,
6:00pm to 7:30pm
0836446929  Noordhoek

Full Moon Women’s Womb Gathering

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Expressing & harnessing the full potential of creative power residing within each woman’s womb during the time of Full Moon


I would like to invite you to come share space with me in my sacred sanctuary under the light of this powerful full moon.

The moon and all her phases are very metaphorical for the cycles and phases our wombs embody.

The full moon has its energetic advantages. It calls us forth to activity, ceremony, new projects, overcoming obstacles as the light of the full moon illuminate’s the shadow aspects making them visible. The seeds we planted (intentions) at the new moon are now in full bloom and ready to be harvested.

Energy peaks at this time with personal power, self-confidence, strength, manifestation, creation, fertility, passion, shining heart energy, outward energy with high creativity we may start putting ideas into practice.

This is the best time to express a new project.


During this full moon, I introduce you to womb yoga. A powerful tantric exploration.

Tantra – the teaching of the essence of reality merged with Wombology – the connection to primordial source of creative energy, I introduce a special practice of devotion to the deep feminine.

This is especially for the women who are questioning what their purpose is,

And longing for a deeper connection to their essence.

Come meet yourself.

This session includes my ebook as a gift. Guidance on the devotional practice of working with tantra and your womb space



Benefits of Womb Yoga:

This yoga is designed to connect you to the Essence of yourself. To integrate this work, we work with the following elements in ritual:

  • Relax, open, and support the pelvic area with fundamental jaw, throat, and tongue exercises
  • Tighten and strengthen yoni, pelvic, and sacrum muscles through physical exercises and breathwork technique
  • Soothe the sacrum, which is the womb’s nervous system point
  • Connect to the intimate nature of your menstrual cycle, allowing for a healthier, more embodied cycle
  • Awaken and soothe Shakti, life force, which governs your sexuality
  • Generate balancing heat in the pelvic area as we work with Apana Prana. This is especially powerful for women who struggle with painful sacrum areas and women who are currently experiencing an imbalance in their Vata dosha
  • Support fertility and postnatal recovery
  • By dropping into the womb, we gain the opportunity to work with our subconscious minds. Giving the body permission to self-soothe and move through any resentment, shame, anger, ancestral ties
  • Connect more intimately to yourself and your life, creating a container for beautiful relationships and deeper feminine embodiment



Details for the evening:

You will be guided through Traditional Tantric practices for the womb in a safe, enclosed, intimate, candlelit space

  • DATE: Monday 20 September 2021 (FULL MOON)
  • TIME: 6 - 7 30pm
  • WHERE: Noordhoek
  • EXCHANGE: R150
  • WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat. Due to our working with Apana Prana it is best to come with very little food in the body so we can learn to utilize energy sources from our own body. Journal and pen if you'd like to take notes. Please wear light, comfy clothing so you can move around in, perhaps a sarong if you're feeling like you'd like to gently and slowly remove some layers
  • RESERVE YOUR SPACE! Prebookings are essential, space is limited as I host these gatherings in my home. To book, please contact Suskia via watsapp 083 644 6929


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