23 Jul,
6:00pm to 8:30pm
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LISTING > Tantra, Womens Health Workshop in Hout Bay


A nude gathering for the women | Learning to cultivate safety within your sexuality and naked body


All the answers to the questions you ask are already within you, this is a teaching from the tradition of Tantra. All the grasping for an external sense of safety is false, it's disillusionment. There is no safety beyond your body. This is the container for which we allow sensation, feeling, and energy in motion to move through us and reveal to us insights far beyond the mind's ability to grasp and contemplate.

A lot is happening in the world right now. Women and men are waking up fast. We are standing up for ourselves, stepping into our potential, standing strong in our boundaries, and looking out for our community.

My vision for this workshop is simple: to slow down, and through the ancient, poetic tradition of Tantra meet yourself in the center of your being - in love and intimate connection. This is an opportunity to drop beyond the illusions and stories you have formed about yourself and especially your body.

The more I work with women, the more I receive the opportunity to observe how women speak to themselves and about themselves.

Where have we absorbed this narrative from?
Why do we find ourselves competing with the other?
There is no better way to come together as One Woman than to leave the false pretenses, the performance, the masculine dominance, along with our clothing at the door and DANCE, move, breathe, and share with each other in a safe and sacred space.

Women for centuries have been coming together in song, dance and story shares to nurture the feminine soul and celebrate the divine wisdom that comes from a woman who is embodied and safe within her raw sexual power.

We have not lost touch with this deep part of ourselves, we have just stopped coming together. We have just forgotten what it is like to feel safe within our own bodies and with other women in our community.

This workshop will be an opportunity for you to experience yourself in your truest, purest essence.

The deep feminine.



You will be guided through Traditional Tantric practices in a safe, enclosed, intimate, candlelit space

We will be getting undressed, there will be a process of unfolding, removing, and revealing. This is a necessary part of the process especially if we are working with body issues and feelings of unsafety around our own femininity and that of other women.

DATE: 23 July 2021 (FULL MOON)
TIME: 6-8 30pm
WHERE: Hout Bay
WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat. Due to our working with Apana Prana it is best to come with very little food in the body so we can learn to utilize energy sources from our own body. Journal and pen if you'd like to take notes. Please wear light, comfy clothing so you can move around in, perhaps a sarong if you're feeling like you'd like to gently and slowly remove some layers
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