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29 Mar, 4:00pm to 3 Apr, 3:00pm

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This 4 day residential training will be of interest to anyone studying Tantra or interested in beginning. It goes back to the fundamentals; a solid foundation course laying down the three pillars of a balanced Tantric practice.

These are, techniques in mind confronting and working with your inner ego constructs, techniques for accessing vital life force through sexuality, body and emotional body, and cleansing the blocks that prevent that flow, and, the building up of a strong, balanced practice.

Singles and couples, beginners and those with much experience all welcome.

The teachers have over twenty years of combined experience, and invite you to come and relax and explore and feel for four deep days of spiritual immersion.

This is a residential training at Hearth and Soul near Stanford http://www.hearthandsoul.co.za/ and will take place from 29th March - 3nd of April

Training Outline

1. Mind Training

- Defining Mind
- Growing your awareness of mind
- Growing your capacity to catch the mind
- Developing the specific skillset to shift the mind
- Moving beyond mind into no-mind
- Rewiring the fundamental habit of building a mind

The biggest obstacle to resting in your essence and life force energy, is handing responsibility for our being over to our minds. Mind is a construct, intellect, memory, decision making apparatus, good-bad and like-dislike attitudes, forms of consciousness and sense of identity. Anybody interested in spiritual awakening, personal mastery or simply improving their lives can benefit from understanding the nature of this construct we live inside.

Understanding how our mind and our body work together, within our severe limitations and patterns, and being free of them, is absolutely key for forward motion in Tantra.

2. Vital Life Force

- Discovering through direct experience your own energetic nature and subtle energy body
- Connect to, free and love your emotional body, learning to listen and express it.
- Access the wisdom of your heart essence and relaxing the thinking mind
- Tapping into the healing power of pleasure, relaxing and expanding your sexuality and orgasmic potential.

Spiritual practice requires tremendous energy. The habit of our inner contractions has massive inertia and in order to move beyond it it requires a certain potency. Learning how to access and work with the fundamental energy of life without violence allows it to nourish and support the move into being.

Embodiment, vitality, joy and creativity arrive when we awaken and keep our life force flowing strongly. This includes our fundamental sexual energy. Yet sex is not a mere movement of the genitals, it's a Cosmic Affair : galaxies colliding and compenetrating, nebulas kissing their brilliancy, black holes stroking their centers, energy explosions birthing new worlds .

"Human sexuality is the experience of Infinity in the finite body.
When the body relaxes in its divine emptiness, naked as the darkest night and aware of its intrinsic brilliancy, it becomes a portal for Cosmic Endless Orgasm."

As you relax into your True Self, your Orgasmic Essence will naturally express ....Endlessly!

3. A Beautiful Practice

- Crafting, cultivating, balancing your own practice & learning how to evolve this practice
- Building and relying on really good, established forms within your journey - a healthy body of habits that helps you through intense process
- Life Artistry; evoking your true self as an artistic, creative act
- Tuning in to your aesthetic in relationship, work and worship
- Deep understanding of ritual and meeting the moment

Indian Guru, Osho, spoke of the first two energies cultivated above as ‘Buddha' (presence, awareness, compassion, strategy) and ‘Zorba' (wild abandon and life-force energy) . Too much of the one overstimulates you, like a bull in a china shop, full of energy but lacking awareness, delicacy, strategy and compassion. Too much of the other and we can be dry, desiccated, without sufficient energy to get clear of the swamp of our wounds and patterns.

Expanding, accessing, understanding and weaving them is Tantra. We learn how to do this by practical methods of application - authentic spiritual practice. Our practice needs shape, but without flow it becomes just another contraction. Balancing flow and shape is the third part of the Tantra Foundations.

Please bring clothes suitable for yoga practice and a yoga mat if you have one.


Sy Tzu

Since his initiation into Osho Sannyas at age 12, Sy has been on a 30+ year journey, a journey which has ventured through Osho Sannyas, Shamanism, Ritual Magick, Advaita and Tantra. It has spanned 4 continents and included many valuable guides along the way. Nowadays his primary practice consists of tantra and shamanic medicine work.

Sy is the co-founder of Medicine Buddhas, project manager at the Dharma Lab, co-founder of the Entheogenic Alliance & co-founder of Sexual Integration for Men.

Alongside his spiritual journey Sy also worked in the Open Source movement and in a number of web start-ups. He is very grateful for the 15 years spent in the tech world as certain methodologies like open source and lean and agile approaches have the potential to revolutionize spiritual practice as we move out of the age of the guru and towards that of the collective messiah. Sy tests out these approaches at the Dharma Lab, a leaderless sangha focused on rapid iteration and integration of varied awakening technologies.


Akira has been studying tantra for 15 years, and before that was raised in a family of meditators focussing on tenets of Tibetan buddhism and Catholicism. Having faced numerous health challenges through her dark night of the soul, she has learned how to be deeply strategic when it comes to energy expenditure and works constantly with the energy body. Death and illness have been her deepest teachers, from needing the attention and awareness to manage a complex chronic condition, to dealing with the emotions around abandonment at a moment of lowest ebb, and having to surrender to something greater than herself in order to survive. She has an intimate knowledge of death space, and the tantra of the charnal ground.

Akira’s main interest is expanded consciousness. She has been deeply informed by the zen tradition of meditation and awareness and is also a graduate of the notorious Advait Tantra School where she studied with such luminaries as Shima, Wendy Dakini, Advait Rahasya and Sy Tzu. Akira’s background is in social anthropology and philosophy.

“Akira is in love with the real beyond sentiment, morality and projection, and demands it in her work, however gentle her manner.” Francois, student

Prior to this retreat, she was focussed on committed, long term one-on-one work, but she feels the need to make these mind training techniques more available as South African Tantra comes of age.


At the end of the training you will have a foundation of Tantric technique in body, mind, emotion and physical body, and a personlised Tantric practice to take home.


For tuition, food (delicious organic vegetarian) and shared accommodation (2 or 3 people to an en-suite room) the total early bird price is R6900 (early bird price until 14 Feb thereafter R7500). Single room supplement add R500.

There are a maximum of 20 places. If you you want to come please book as soon as you are sure - our December training sold out quickly.

The training is 4 days over 5 nights. We arrive at 16:00 on Thursday, 29th March and depart 14:00 on Tuesday, 3rd April.

Accommodation and food
We will be at Hearth and Soul near Stanford

Food is organic and vegetarian, mostly grown right there on the farm.

Bring your swimming costume and towels, there are rivers, dams and the ocean nearby.


Email one admin@tantrafoundations.com

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Sy Tzu, Akira

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