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Kirsty Melmed - Life Coach & Holistic Healer
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Kirsty Melmed - Life Coach & Holistic Healer

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Alternative Therapy
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Kirsty Melmed - Life Coach & Holistic Healer offers Alternative Therapy, Life Coach, Holistic Healing in Tokai

Do you like the person you are?
Do you know what you stand for?
Are your values reflected in the way you live your life?
Do you feel like you are stuck and struggling to overcome a block?

I am a trained Life Coach and Holistic Healer. I offer one on one sessions via Skype or in person in the Southern Suburbs. I can help you answer these questions and any others you may have. 

A traditional coaching session is one hour and comprises of me listening to what you have to say and asking questions which bring about a shift in perception and a realisation of the different options you have. Together we will co-create an action plan to help you live authentically. 

A traditional healing session is one hour and comprises of you sitting with your eyes closed while I use the heart chakras in my hands and my third eye to 'listen' to your body's energy and find any blockages that may be occurring. This includes chakra work, energy balancing and inner child work.

I depend on my training, experience and intuition in both modalities and have had great success with all previous clients. My background includes working in the travel industry, hospitality and childcare so it is fair to say I am sensitive and respectful of people from all walks of life with a variety of beliefs.

Both modalities can be booked as once off sessions or as a course of sessions. 

I look forward to working with you. The best time for new beginnings, is now!

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Coaching Essentils, Coaching Developent, 2015
Module 1, Inner Tuition, 2016
Module 2, Inner Tuition, 2016
Transactional Analysis 101, TA Matters, 2015
BA specialising in Psychological Counselling, UNISA, 2009
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Life coaching

Kirsty's approach to coaching is both open and mature. She really listens and cares, and inspires and pushes you to challenge yourself and move forward in life. Her advice and coaching skills are exceptional
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Kirsty is a true professional Coach. Have had multiple coaching sessions with Kirsty over a one year period. Kirsty takes the time to listen and responds with an open heart backed up with knowledge and facts. An inspirational person who helps you align your goals and future direction... For the better of You!

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