Talia Yan ~ Kahuna and Ayurvedic Massage can help with  in Tokai
Talia Yan ~ Kahuna and Ayurvedic Massage
17 Sunwood Drive, Tokia, Cape Town, 7966, South Africa
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Talia Yan ~ Kahuna and Ayurvedic Massage

LISTING > Kahuna Massage, Ayurvedic Massage  in Tokai

Kahuna Massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Talia Yan ~ Kahuna and Ayurvedic Massage offers Kahuna Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Dance in Tokai

Kahuna is an ancient (5000 years old) therapeutic massage practised by the Hawaiian Kahunas (master shamans and healers). Also known as temple style lomi-lomi it is a loving touch therapy for healing and balancing body mind and spirit. The rhythmic, dance-like movements open and relax the body. Kahuna has an oceanic quality that can feel like entering into the ebb and flow of the sea. 

This massage has many benefits to the body, working with the immune system, respiratory system, lymphatics, digestion and circulation and releasing stress and tension on a deep level. It treats the whole client and reconnects them with the source of life and joy. 

Ayurveda Healing Massage combines gentle movements, loving stretches and oil massage to lovingly open and nourish the body. It has deep replenishing potential. 

I practice both massages from my tranquil studio in a beautiful retreat center in leafy tokai. Please call or whats app 0715115661

Talia Also teaches Dances of Passion and offers Ritual cacao journeys. 

Dances of Passion events invite you to step into the fullness of who you are. There are weekly dance classes and regular workshops that expand your capacity for bliss, truth and love. We dance. We play. We have fun. We explore intimacy and express ourselves freely with passion. Everything can come up and all is welcome in the space. Bring your fun, your joy, your laughter as well your fear, your longing and your tears. Love is here to dance you. Come join in the spirit of the dance.

Rirual Cacao events are sacred ceremonies where we work with the spirit of the cacao plant. Mama cacao is a loving heart healer and guiding deity who will rewire you towards more joy and love. Ritual cacao incorporates dance, sacred sound, breath and meditation. These journeys are healing and loving to your being, heart and nervous system. Allow Mama cacao to heal you and remember who you trully are...love in human clothing!

For more information contact Talia on 071 511 5661 or email littledancingpanther@gmail.com.

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10 - 20yr
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Kahuna Massage with Anthea Hardwick
Ayuvedic Yoga Massage with Sadhamo Anand
Sexual Awakening for Women
Totality Therapy
Blissdance Fascilitation Training
Masters in Anthropology, UCT
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