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Nicolene Burger: Creativity Muse
Fish Hoek, Cape Town
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Nicolene Burger: Creativity Muse

LISTING > Art and Creative Processing, Alternative Therapy  in Western Cape

Art and Creative Processing
Alternative Therapy
Body Stress Release
Nicolene Burger: Creativity Muse offers Art and Creative Processing, Alternative Therapy, Body Stress Release in Western Cape


I show up for my creativity daily and make a living out of what I create. My passion helping others release into freedom, the flow of creativity, their authentic expression and letting go of blocks. 

I have developed and invested in certain practices (ancient and new). These rituals and practices have really helped me to produce work I love and to practice art with authenticity. Sharing this with other creatives (i.e. anyone, because we are all creatives at heart) and helping them unblocked is my soul purpose.

During my studies at Stellenbosch university I knew I wanted to be a full time artist. I knew there was simply no other option for me, because when I tried to think of taking “an adult” job  after spending four years pouring out my soul studying, I felt like I would die. But I also had no clue where to start. With this uncertainty and passion I committed to a residency with no brief in South Korea. My intention was to make the healing of my relationship with myself and my inner artist the focus of my art practice and creative outputs there. This is still what I am focused on today and this process unfolding, unlayering and unlearning has led me to work deeply with the development of creative practice and other creatives. I assists others in expressing their creativity, moving through creative blocks of all kinds and stepping into their Power.

We are all artists - being human is about expressing. Furthermore, images are part of our language from the moment we are born. It is in fact our first language when we take in and process the world preverbally. I am fascinated by the deep insights that can be gained from working with images in processes of healing and growth. I am currently working with 3 books that investigate this subconscious relationship between images and knowing yourself: The Creative Fire, The Artist Way & The Art Therapy Handbook. Creativity as a spiritual process as discussed in these books and my personal art practice inform the weekly classes and regular workshops I offer.


Creative Guidance:
I share practices in one-on-one sessions where I help individuals drop into a playful, non-judgmental and safe creative space. If you are struggling with a project, have a creative block or just want to muse in an arty space- these sessions are for you.

Create Space is an online (and physical in a non-covid world) art school. This is a collaboration between two active artists, together with Olivia Bevan we gently hold space for anyone curious about connecting to their inner artist. We do weekly sessions that aim to catalyze your own home creativity ritual (these are currently held online), we offer a deep-dive Cultivating Creativity Course (that takes place biannually), and technical workshops on painting, printing, bookmaking and multimedia art-making.

Couples Sessions:
Want to be more creative in your relationship? Join me for an intimate couple’s art session where I use visualization meditation and various art exercises to inspire you and your partner to connect deeper.

“With one sentence impeccably timed Nicolene pulls me out of my creative blocks and into flow. Allowing me to birth my own creativity.” - Alex Diepering

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5 - 10yr
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BA Fine Arts | Stellenbosch University | 4 years
Co-Founder of Create Space Online Art School | 3 years
Live Art Performance Training | ICA | 1 year
Cultural Memory-Museums training | Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany | 3 weeks short course
Rhizome Artist Residency | Espace Rhizome Masan South Korea | 1 year
R650, One-One Creativity Coaching, 1h (packages available)
R1200, The Art of Love Couples Session, 2h
R180, Weekly Painting Session, 2h (Wednesday 18:00-20:00)
R650, Monthly Creative Goddess Workshop - Clay & Drawing Circle for Women, 3h
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Thabo Krouwkam's picture
Thabo Krouwkam

Unblocking creativity block

Her workshop helped me to get out of a stuck point. Did not think I could do lino cut or make any art, but Nicolene's gentle guidance helped me released. Her workshop helped me to be more daring in the way I write music.

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