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Lee Koetser Therapies (Lee Koetser)
Rallim Preparatory , Berkshire boulevard, Sunningdale, Cape Town
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Lee Koetser Therapies (Lee Koetser)

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Therapy and Guidance
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Lee Koetser Therapies (Lee Koetser) offers Therapy and Guidance, Art and Creative Processing, Author or Speaker in Western Cape

Lee Koetser is a Remedial therapist and Education and parenting columnist and advisor.

Her therapies include breaking barriers to learning Grade R to 7 offering learning support in the areas of literacy, numeracy and study skills. 
Lee has a degree in Psychology and Criminology, a postgrad in Education and specialized in Special needs education. Lee believes that there are more reasons to Learning difficulties than genetics. There could be a huge emotional component, environmental or other factors. Lee believes that you are never too old to learn and takes on a new course to broaden her knowledge annually. She has recently completed courses in ADHD, dyslexia,  CBT and REBT. She is in the process of studying life coaching for parents and kids and mindfulness. COVID-19 inspired her to do so for herself, her kids and the kids and families requiring the support and direction through these challenging times. She's excited to expand her practice and is dedicated to help those in need.

Lee Koetser therapies is based in Blouberg and Sunningdale however her online support option is gaining popularity as it suits parents, children and adheres to the practice of social distancing.

Lee has been a learner support professional for 17 years however she sees her career as a passion. She is also a nature lover, ardent about writing poetry and painting and loves animals and people. Her 4 most treasured humans are her husband, two sons and dad. She is a utopian and goal driven believing anything is possible. If you want to reach your dreams despite your obstacles- Make the move. Contact Lee.

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10 - 20yr
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BAdeg PSYCHOLOGY and CRIMINOLOGY; PGCE , ACE-SNE, holistic therapy Learner support, Accredited Life coach practitioner specific interest kid motivation, dyslexia and ADHD.
Consultations, learner support and assessments differ hourly rates.


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Lee Koetser

Lee is the calm in the storm. She is someone you go to when you need to breathe.
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Manuela Porchia...

The Art of Life

Lee is an absolutely phenomenal person. She is kind, caring, understanding and has the patience of a saint. I could not recommend someone more to help your child navigate their way through life whether it is educationally or emotionally.
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Amazing creative teaching

Lee is such a kind, loving and patient teacher. She makes the lessons fun and interactive. My child can’t wait for his sessions every week. I would definitely recommend Lee Koetser.

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