Cathy Coyle Transpersonal Coach
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Cathy Coyle Transpersonal Coach

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Life Coach
Energy Healing
Cathy Coyle Transpersonal Coach offers Life Coach, Breathwork, Energy Healing in Western Cape

I am a Transpersonal Coaching Psychologist and Energy Worker.

Transpersonal is the SCIENCE of the MYSTICAL.

Transpersonal Coaching is concerned with our highest potential; the blossoming of spiritual and transcendent states of consciousness.
Together, we co-create a medium which facilitates the deepest self-discovery and healing within a SACRED space.

Explore, Empower & Transform
My therapeutic facilitation challenges the boundaries of well-being, supporting the evolution of mind, body & spirit.

Through my own human experience, my academic and professional scope I have developed a unique style that resonates with those in pursuit of empowerment, holism, and conscious change.

Combining my expertise in Coaching Psychology (MA) and Psychology (MSc) with Master Practitioner level NLP and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Certification, along with a number of mystical and healing traditions. I employ the most up to date psychological research with intuitive coaching. Together we harness optimal and transcendent states on the road towards truly transformational living.



My unique pathway encompasses my Gaelic lineage as the daughter of a long line of traditional healers. "Variant spellings for the name Druid include ’Draoi’ - thought to mean Dragon - the ’Drys’ or ’Dryads’ were the female druids who were symbolized by the apple tree of Lilith whilst the ’Draoi’ or ’Dracoi’ - the highest degree of Druids - represented by the serpent entwined in the branches of those apple trees"

Draoi Healing is a unique form of Ancient Druidic practices harnessed for healing and enlightenment, these teachings are resurfacing into our modern day consciousness.

My healing practice molds ancient Celtic Draoi techniques with modern day modalities.

Intuitive Healing

Quantum Touch

Mycelium Healing

Light Language

Phoenix Breathwork

Consciousness Journeys

Every client has a unique vibration and our journey will always be one of exploration and deepest self-discovery.


My website may be found at

Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Wheelchair accessible
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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MSc Psychology; University of Derby 2015
MA Coaching Psychology, University College Cork 2014
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist ; Irish Mindfulness Institute 2016
Access Consciousness The BARS Facilitation Cork Ireland 2018
Shamanic initiations and Attunements from a number of Celtic Shamanic Master Teachers 2012- 2019
NLP Master Practitioner - iNLP 2017
400 - 1200 for private sessions
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Xavier Vermcast's picture
Xavier Vermcast

Precision Healing

Cathy is a powerful healer, there is a precision in her technique that leads you to a state of alignment with all aspects of self. Her Light Language anchors you into your being and creates a gentle space in which to unfold the multi-dimensional self. Cathy is a truly intuitive and powerful energy worker. Embodying a sense of beauty and power that opens one to a gentle space of activation and self-healing.
Trish Hickey's picture
Trish Hickey

A deeply gifted healer

Cathy is a deeply insightful gifted healer who came along just when I needed her assistance. She has an innate ability to facilitate a sacred space for deep healing and self-exploration. I felt I shifted masses of emotional debris with just one session - leaving the second session to take me places I genuinely never dreamed of. I have worked with numerous healers over 2 decades and I can honestly say Cathy brings the most diverse bags of spiritual tools to the “pyramid”. I have evolved massively since having the privilege of working with Cathy and I am deeply grateful to her and her entourage of spiritual assistance. I will most definitely work with Cathy again.

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