Kim Thacker
Western Cape
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Kim Thacker

LISTING > Kahuna Massage, Dance  in Western Cape

Kahuna Massage
Kundalini Yoga
Kim Thacker offers Kahuna Massage, Dance, Kundalini Yoga in Western Cape

Well Being of Woman Facilitator - "Retreat the Woman You Are'" celebrating the role woman play in today's world by offering a space to be nurtured and nourished for the wonder that they are, allowing for a reprise from internal and external demands that they take on so selflessly.

Traditional Kahuna Massage Therapist - [ Mobile/local/international] - Kahuna Massage the "Rolls Royce of Massages"' from the heart of the Hawaiian Islands: through physical loving touch and movement of energy, a client is transported into complete meditative surrender releasing blockages within the mind, body and soul ultimately finding deep well being.

Movement Practitioner: Nia Dance Instructor/Conscious Dance/ Contemporary Dance - moving energy and finding Joy ,transforming energetic frequencies within the body through the art of music ,dance and creativity

Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Awakening the Soul- the practice and experience of pranayama, asanas, meditation and mantra is the science of changing ones radiance to give an expanded life and greater capacity. I enjoy to offer this in its pure form as well as integrating it into other forms of yoga and movement practices

Pilates Instructor - '" the body is our vehicle ,treat it well and it will carry you through life with ease and joy'" by integrating the principals of Pilates one can align the body correctly to ensure efficient functioning of movement, prevention of injury and stress related problems and therefore resulting in an increased confidence, strength and body intelligence of your abilities in your chosen sport or day to day life no matter age,size or natural physical attributes.

Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
Listing Type: 
Professional Contemporary Dancer and Performer locally and internationally
Swiss Body Pilates
Kahuna Massage Therapist
Kahuna Pregnancy Massage
Kundalini Yoga
Fusion Vinyasa Yoga/Flow/Yin and Dance
Nia Instructor
Moving Ventures - Spirit Dance Soul Song
Offering dependent

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