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Heal Your Life
Holistic Healing
Murray offers Heal Your Life, Herbalism, Holistic Healing in Western Cape

Murray has been guiding people for eight years and provides an all encompasing heart space to explore where you are and focus on whatever challenge or trauma you want to move through or gift you want to bring into being. Sometimes what you want to push away is your greatest gift and exactly the thing that wants to be birthed.

Murray offers specialist help in the following areas:

Facilitating tools to negotiate life’s decisions and helping to forge a new way of being

The ability to feel more at peace and rest using peace as a navigator

To delve into the shadow parts of ourselves, taking off the layers obscuring the light

To move into a new paradigm and help the brain chemistry to shift finding sense between logic, reason and emotion

Using the unconscious to unveil a sense of mystery

Move from lower frequencies of guilt and shame to exuberance

Murray works with the gene keys as a navigational tool and offers contemplative methodology rooted in ancient wisdom. Through the keys you will find paths of self-inquiry that challenge, question and enlighten you about your true role in life. He also works using nature walks as a backdrop to the therapeutic process.

Also available to do San Pedro plant medicine journeys. Journeys in nature facilitated by the use of plant medicine.

Cost of session R750

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Natural Medicine
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San Pedro Sojourn

I can honestly say from my own personal experience with this sacred sacrament and sacred guide (Murray) that he brings to the table, something extremely nourishing to the soul. A dignified blend of childlike joy, ancient wisdom and profound protection. I felt safe and held in gentle joyfulness. With none of the pressure of a rigid set ceremony, which can be at times limiting to the expanse of spirit. I was allowed to express and spread my wings fully - to the height of the heavens, while also integrating my deep dark shadow roots. Allowing the innate gifts of my shadow self to present its genius to me...This is truly the medicine of integration, something that doesn't leave you asking questions. An experience of firm knowing and enhancement of cognitive and psychic faculties (more relating to the mind then ESP). The medicine continues to ride with you even when the effects are well gone. I've continued to grow from it and that I believe is due to the way in which the medicine has been prepared by Murray, presenting a platform to dive deep into communion with your body and the surrounding beauty of nature (he has quite the eye for spots that spark remembrance to your being.) The love and attention given to his chosen vocation can be felt through the whole ride. I would not call Murray a shaman in the typical sense but more a guide of joy; a hummingbird personified. If anyone is being called to the extraordinary medicine of San Pedro, I may highly recommend taking Murray up as a friend along this path as he has the experience to touch on your experience...Thank you brother for the gift of healing that you are to this wounded world. Thank you
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Sam Huckle

San Pedro Journey

A deeply powerful and profound day spent in nature with the medicine of San Pedro. Murray holds a very beautiful and authentic space; completely present, engaged, and committed to following and facilitating each person through their personal process. Very much a space of allowing what needs to unfold, I did not feel pushed but free to move with the medicine in my own way. I met Murray for the first time on the day of the journey and felt comfortable with his energy immediately. I highly recommend Murray as a facilitator: compassionate; professional; insightful; genuine; and with a lot of knowledge, experience and heart.

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