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Emma Hamel Soul Coaching Practitioner
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Emma Hamel Soul Coaching Practitioner

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Life Coach
Past Life Regression
Workshop Facilitator
Emma Hamel Soul Coaching Practitioner offers Life Coach, Past Life Regression, Workshop Facilitator in Western Cape

Hi, I am Emma Hamel and I am a Soul Coaching Practitioner.  I work out of my coaching space in beautiful Harfield Village, Claremont, Cape Town.

From a very young age I have been coaching and mentoring; this seems to be a natural part of me. It is my passion to support people on their journey through life, navigating obstacles along the way and helping them to overcome their challenges.

Soul Coaching enables you to tap into the essence of you. The part understands all that you are. There are programs, processes and workshops. Whichever I use I seem to have a way of asking the right kind of questions to get the results that you need.

Well I build websites from beginning to end … and I love it! This seems to fulfill both the techie and creative part of me. I am mad about healthy living so definitely incorporate that into my work.


  •  We are on a journey of discovery and to live the best life that we can.
  •  In compassion and holding the space so someone can feel heard.
  •  That what we consume (food, words, viewing, etc.) has a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves.

Let's meet for a cuppa, and work out how we can work together.

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09:00 - 17:00
Mobile (Will Travel)
Available After Hours
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10 - 20yr
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Soul Coaching & Past Life Coaching Practitioner Certification| Denise Linn | 2006
NLP Practitioner | Grant Hamel, Latitude Training | 2011
Adv Soul Coaching & Past Life Coaching Practitioner Certification | Denise Linn | 2015
R550 | Soul Coaching
R750 Past Life Coaching


Talli pachter 's picture
Talli pachter

Best Find Emma!

Emma is a grounded steadfast life coach who listens in so intuitively to exactly where you are at and what is required for forward movement. It’s like having someone on your team cheering you on from the sidelines and being specific to your needs on a higher-tuned in level. Things shift fast with Emma as she brings in so much light, laughter, and bubbly enthusiasm, and she truly supports you in the most uplifting way. Her vision boarding workshops are incredible and really help you clarify what you want in your life. The reason I feel that they are so successful is that she holds the space for you to get where you need to within yourself. I personally left the day feeling really quite connected to a deeper part of me I don’t often have time to connect with in my regular busy life. That was precious and worth my time for sure! So often you go to a group workshop and it’s so filled with info that you don’t necessarily get to just be and connect with those around you and experience creating for yourself. I like the way her workshops are designed in a rather magical format giving you the space to discover and play. A great part of her workshops are the guided meditations as they are so powerful. They provide very interesting and deep results for most people who attend. Emma is brilliant at holding group spaces and has many pieces of paper to her name amongst those she is fully trained by Denise Linn in America. Emma is also a relationship coach and her understanding of human relationships is vast. She is skilled at mentoring and conveying her information across to many different people’s perceptions and ways of understanding in a very uncomplicated way that hits home and creates change within those folk who are lucky enough to attend her workshops or one-on-one sessions. I recently recommended Emma to my cousin who said seeing Emma was the best thing that happened to her in 2017! I agree wholeheartedly! Talli Pachter, Cape Town

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