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Sammy Saunders @Lovefire

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Sammy Saunders @Lovefire  offers Shamanism in Western Cape

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

Sammy is certified and trained through the Four winds society.

Sammy has walked a long journey travelling through her psyche, through trauma and woundedness to emerge with incredible tools and transformative practices that fuel a life filled with purpose and passion. An intensive shamanic practice has added volumes to Sammy’s already intuitive way of working with people.

“I invite you to a journey into yourself, one that enriches you in the highest way and brings you into alignment with your greatest destiny.”

Providing incredible guidance and supported space, Sammy is a powerful holding space for transformation, healing and unfolding of every kind. Specialising in building and repairing self worth, Sammy also takes her clients into an awakening not only with themselves but into the natural world and the mystery and magic it has to offer.

“On my journey I became aware there are underlying currents that orchestrate our reality. The unseen world lives amongst us, bears gifts and guidance to become free in a world that seems to restrict us greatly. In my quest for freedom I have learned that we are essentially of the light. That we are boundless, that we are miracles, that we are not separated from the divine.”

Sammy invites you to into a safe space where her intention is to walk beside you, to be of service to the rising of the divine feminine. To hear you, to see you, to feel who you once were and who you are becoming.

The sacred dwells amongst those who come together for healing.

When we tap into the unlimited potential of our reality, we become the architects of our destiny, a destiny that’s filled with magic. May love be with you, may beauty fill your vessel, may you say yes to your souls calling.

Using practical tools and teachings, you will feel highly equipped and supported into a life you love, you feel comfortable in and one that brings great joy and discovery.

Sammy works via Zoom with her clients - remotely from Hermanus and warmly invites you to connect with her and bring whatever you want to bring without judgement, simply with love and discovery.

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Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Accept credit cards
Wheelchair accessible
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
0 - 2yr
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Four winds society gradute, cerified yoga hatha instructor and permaculture designer
R680 a session, check out on website


Rebecca's picture

Phenomenal Experience

Sammy is an incredible healer, and creates a safe space for you to be vulnerable and open about your experience. I have attended both her workshops and healings, I always feel so supported and gifted with so many tools for healing and information regarding Shamanism. She is highly intuitive, and knows exactly what you need and how to show up for you in the sessions. She works with integrity, consent, and you can feel the energy of the medicine working through your being throughout. Thank you so much!
Louise   's picture

Sharmanic journey

Dear Sammy, you are a gifted teacher and sharman. You have a gentle, reassuring, knowledgeable and strong presence, which put me at ease to journey with you. I look forward to working with you again and will definitely be on the lookout for more opportunities to participate in your workshops.
Caterina's picture

Shamanic Journey with Lovefire International

I had my first Shamanic experience with Sammy, so going into it, I was rather unsure of what to expect. I was at a crossroads in my life, in need of some guidance and was called to connect with Sammy. One instantly feels her calm, grounding and insightful presence, and the safe, loving space she creates in all her sessions. She constantly checked in with how I was feeling, and in a short space of time, Sammy was able to illuminate the path I needed to follow. The drumming and singing she incorporated into our session was one of my favourite aspects, something I believe everyone needs to experience! Even after our session, the residual energy created during our time lead me to one of the most powerful and insightful self-Reiki sessions I’ve had to date. I am immensely grateful to Sammy and the work that she does. She conducts her practice with integrity, and her passion and dedication to her work and to her clients is evident. This will certainly not be my last journey with her. Thank you Sammy!

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