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Welcome to Holistica - the leading global wellbeing resource. 
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Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the tools you need to live a fabulously inspired life - naturally! Our aim is to give you access to all the therapists and practitioners available by featuring them in an easily accessible format - expect to see an ever growing list of practitioners, descriptions of health disciplines, natural healing solutions, specially curated articles, services, programmes, events, research, travel and community forums.

Living your best life means taking a holistic approach. It’s about paying attention to how you spend your time, what you eat, how you feel and what you do to keep it all working together. Think of us as your dedicated networking platform and research library - designed to heal, inspire and uplift.


Become part of a flourishing natural health community and embrace the celebratory and inspirational process of making deliberate choices to enhance the quality of your life.


Get access to a comprehensive resource of wellness practitioners and services, from Ayurvedic healers and naturopaths to homeopaths, life coaches, yoga teachers and more...the whole A to Zen.


There is a synergistic effect when you pursue multiple elements of wellbeing. We’re here to help you bring a sense of adventure and discovery into wellness in the very best way possible - to celebrate the best parts of the human spirit and highlight what it truly means to live an inspired life.




Editor & Curator

Expect the best content and conscious expanding article curation from Robyn. She has contributed to, and consulted on numerous Wellness projects. She is a published author, has innovated and run the custom title ‘Wellness’, was editor of Soul Purpose for Longevity magazine and owner of the Natural Health Directory. During a period of twenty years, she’s written and published over 4000 articles on natural health.

Lara Potgieter

Client & Content Manager

Lara’s passions for holistic health and authentic and effective communication weave seamlessly together in her role within our community. A multi-modality practitioner herself, Lara understands the needs of our members. Her formal education is in literature and communication, and she has worked on numerous print and online media titles. Her interest has since become more specialised, and she has found a niche in communicating the immense potential of South African wellness practitioners. Lara is a great go-to-girl for ensuring that your unique offering is most effectively featured on the site.
lara@holistica.co.za CELL 082 979 2395