Holding Sacred Space for your Teenage Daughter
06 Jun

Holding Sacred Space for your Teenage Daughter

Hosted by: Sacred Feminine Mystic

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  • 7:00 pm-Thursday

    6 June 2024
  • 9:00 PM-Thursday

    6 June 2024

The Alchemy of Maidenhood

The journey of discovery and awakening The alchemy of maidenhood is a journey of discovery; it marks the inception of your daughter's heroine journey and stands as the most sacred time in her blossoming and awakening. There exist beautiful and sacred ways through which we can commemorate this journey of becoming. It's at this juncture in their lives that they begin to discern the dreams and desires stirring within them. They learn the art of honoring themselves, their bodies, and manifesting their dreams and soul calling through their own cyclic feminine nature, rather than conforming to a hero's journey that overlooks their true essence.

Support, Empowerment & Growth

Embracing the puberty & menarche phase The puberty and menarche phase can unfold as the most liberating, magical, and sacred time for a young girl transitioning into womanhood. Reach out to me if you wish to explore the feminine mysteries that enable you to hold sacred space for your teenage daughter. Together, we can support her in embracing the wisdom of her body and awakening to a deeper level of self-worth, activating the codes that will guide her ongoing journey as a woman.

Holding Sacred Space for your Teenage Daughter

A live online course In this 3-part live online course, you will gain access to profound wisdom, insights, research, manuals, and MP3s that facilitate your understanding of rites of passage, as well as ancient moon and womb wisdom tailored to support young girls transitioning into women. "Holding Sacred Space for your Teenage Daughter" is a course I've crafted to aid you in holding sacred space for your teenage daughter's transformative experience. You'll learn to discern the most appropriate systems for each phase and cycle in her life, fostering a sense of safety in her metamorphosis and providing support through life's most intricate changes.

Who is This Course for?

Empowering mothers, guardians, and more
  • Mothers & Guardians of Teenage Daughters
  • School Teachers
  • Facilitators of Women's Circles
  • Health Care Providers
  • Child Psychologists
  • Child Therapists

Deep Dive into Ancient Knowledge

Understanding the psychology and internal alchemy This course offers a profound journey into the mystical sciences of mental health for mothers, guardians, coaches, and holders of sacred space, delving into ancient knowledge that intricately explores the psychology and internal alchemy of maidens transitioning into women across the ages. Our conventional approach to healing often proves too clinical and detached from life's sacredness, failing to support not only the mind's healing but also the soul's journey. This course aims to provide young women with holistic support that acknowledges their spiritual identity as women.

Course Curriculum Highlights

  • Exploring the depths of feminine wisdom
  • Holding Sacred Space
  • Your daughter is initiating you & how to Navigate that
  • The Mother: Rebirth Cycle
  • Personal challenges of the maiden
  • Lunar Influences on Emotions & Psyche
  • Biology & Psychological Influences
  • Astrological & Planetary Influences During the Maiden Phase
  • Chakra & Kundalini Shifts
  • The Blood Rite of Menarche
  • The Heroine Journey: Psychological profile
  • A moon dial, Moon phases & influences
  • Supportive dietary wisdom for each phase
  • Introduction to Educational Traditional Folklore
  • Venus & the Feminine Dharma

What to Expect

Interactive sessions and practical tools
  • 3 (120) min Online Live teachings
  • Guided meditation, activations, and clearings
  • Channeled healing
  • Embodiment techniques
  • 3 manuals & MP3s

Course Details

Enrollment information Courses begin: Thursday, May 9th, 2024 Time: 7-9 pm (SAST) Energy Exchange: Local R 3444 for 3 120 min teachings Early Bird R 2 888 (3 Part Payment plans available) International $333 Early Bird $288 First installment due upon registration. Please email me at tsholoa@gmail.com for more details and to make bookings.


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